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Counting Flap Book / #ToddlerLife

Counting Flap Book This post goes live in collaboration with guest contributor, Susan Fong.  Thank you Susan for your great work. Credits to – Education.com   Create a counting book with your child to help her practice her numbers at home. She’ll use her artistic skills to make visual representations of each number from 1 through 5. When… Continue reading Counting Flap Book / #ToddlerLife

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Daniela’s Monthly Favorite #7 – JarJackets Sippy / #Giveaway

  Hey guys, We are here back again with one more edition of Daniela’s monthly favorite. This time we would like to introduce you the JarJackets Sippy. Have you ever heard of JarJackets before? JarJackets is a mommy-owned company that launched in October with the 16oz and 24oz wide-mouth jar sleeves. JarJackets was created with the mission of helping to find better… Continue reading Daniela’s Monthly Favorite #7 – JarJackets Sippy / #Giveaway

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Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Hugs With The Teletubbies / #Teletubbies20

  This week we were invited to celebrate with the Teletubbies their 20th Anniversary. How cool is that!!!! This was a big surprise for Daniela. I didn’t tell her where we going until we got to the location and she saw the Teletubbies mini-bus parked outside. (Yes, I missed that shot!!!) SHE WAS OVER THE MOON!!!!    Daniela had the opportunity… Continue reading Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Hugs With The Teletubbies / #Teletubbies20

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Daniela’s Blind-Bags Obsession / #Toddlerlife

Hey guys… Moms, I would like to know it your little ones are as obsesses as my child is for blind-bags. Daniela is going crazy for new blind-bags. She likes them all (but hey, all the kiddos likes everything colorful, cute and believe or not expensive). At first, I was even excited about these surprise bags… Continue reading Daniela’s Blind-Bags Obsession / #Toddlerlife