16 Staycation Ideas To Enjoy That Won’t Break Your Wallet

16 Staycation Ideas To Enjoy That Won’t Break Your Wallet post thumbnail image

The time has finally come, you are about to go on vacation. Whether you are opting for a staycation in your own ‘backyard’ or you have planned to travel, drive, or sail to your vacation destination, maybe you have thought about a nice stay at a Roost Tampa Extended Stay hotel, or a countryside break. There are some many great ways to entertain during your time off here are 16 Staycation Ideas To Enjoy Without Breaking Your Wallet.

Whichever one, you have certainly earned it, however, it can become costly after a while no matter where you go, so here are 16 ideas for your vacation that do not have to be expensive.

16 Fun Things to Do on Vacation Without Breaking Your Wallet

Go camping

Camping is loved by many adventurers who need to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors. You can find camping spots at state parks or even in your own backyard.

Go hiking

Hiking will get you to see the sights as well as provide some much-needed exercise. There are many different hiking trails to choose from, so you can find one that is right for your skill level.

Hiking in national parks is a great way to explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Many national parks offer trails of varying difficulty levels, so there is something for everyone. Remember to always practice Leave No Trace principles and respect the wildlife and natural surroundings.

Staycation Ideas To Enjoy
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Go fishing

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can find a variety of spots to fish, whether it is in a lake or stream.

Go swimming

Swimming in summer is perfect for cooling off, especially on those really hot days that can be draining. There will be many pools and lakes to swim in during this time.

Have a picnic

Food, the outdoors, and close company, a picnic will cater to all of those needs on vacation. In your local area, there will be quite a few parks to have your picnic at, so you will be spoiled for choice.

16 Staycation Ideas To Enjoy
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Go birdwatching

Birdwatching is a wonderful activity to get outside and see some of nature’s beauty. Check nature reserves and parks that have bird-watching programs for you to take part in.

Go stargazing

The night sky on a summer’s evening is a beautiful thing to behold. You do not have to look far for places to go stargazing, as there are parks and open fields free for everyone to go to.

Go on a Nature Walk

If you are not about the toughness of a hike you can go for a casual nature stroll instead. Check your local area for available trails, or if you are in another state, speak to the hotel staff to see where the local ones are.

Do Some Yard Work

To some, it may be a chore but to others, it is a great way to spend some time getting exercise and making their home look good. You can mow the lawn or plant flowers; you can completely change the exterior of your home if you want to.

Ride a Bike

Take the whole family along on a bike ride, great for exercise and you can go to a variety of places. You may want to pack up the bikes in the car and pick a spot you have not been to before for the bike ride.

Play Catch

Playing catch with your family is perfect for spending some quality time together. You can also go to the batting cages and have a game or two for a bonding experience.

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Collect Shells

Going to the beach on a warm/hot day is especially fun for those who want to lie in the sun and swim in the sea. But it can also be a wonderful time to explore and collect shells, not only are they pretty to look at but they can be used for arts and crafts.

Build a Sandcastle

Sticking with the theme of going to the beach, you can feel like a kid again (if you do not have any with you) by making sandcastles, you can even have a sandcastle competition to see who can make the best. The seashells will come in handy here!

Play In The Sprinklers

When it is really hot, you may not want to lie around on the grass and take in the heat. You can cool off by playing in the sprinklers and playing some water-based games at the same time.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Why not go one step further and have a full-on water balloon fight? If there are quite a few of you, pick some teams and have fun seeing who can get the others soaked first.

Go To The Park

Last but certainly not least – going to the park. Nothing beats strolling to the park and playing on the game’s equipment (maybe not if you are an adult… well you could do that!) It is a lovely way to go back to being a kid again and enjoy yourself.

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Taking a vacation without breaking the bank is important for several reasons. First, it allows you to prioritize your budget and avoid going into debt or overspending. Second, it helps you to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being by taking a break from work or daily routines. Additionally, it allows you to explore new places and create memorable experiences without sacrificing your financial stability. Overall, taking a budget-friendly vacation can provide numerous benefits and help you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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