5 Ways To Limit Stress This Holiday Season

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I know what you are thinking. “Whoa, whoa! We are already talking about the holidays?” Trust me, I know. It seems like we just wrapped up the 2021 holiday season, but the holidays are rapidly approaching. Halloween is just over 30 days from now and as you know, once that comes along, the other holidays fly by. So, yup – let’s discuss these 5 ways to limit stress this holiday season.

The holiday season is something that I look forward to every single year, but they also bring up a lot of stress. This year, I think that the holidays are going to be stressful for even more people compared to recent years because of the economy. While there was uncertainty last year, this year brings even more uncertainty our way. While it’s impossible to completely avoid stress, there are ways to limit stress this holiday season. Here are a few ways to do so:

5 Ways To Limit Stress This Holiday Season

Shift The Focus Of The Season

Shifting the focus of the season can be a great way to limit stress this holiday season! Instead of just focusing on gifts under your tree, shift the focus to making your family and the memories that you are creating together more important. The holiday season is meant to be a joyful time and we are supposed to be spreading cheer. But, as I mentioned, it does have the potential to get really stressful if you let it get to you. There is just typically so much to do and not a lot of time to get it all done. Not to mention, it is expensive! Between long lines in the mall, preparing for guests, and cooking for hours at a time, it’s easy to get consumed in the tedious tasks that are involved with Christmas, but try your best to look past them and act purposefully – with joy. 

There are so many joyful things about the season. If you need to, try writing down all of the things you love. Maybe that is spending time with family, wrapping gifts, finding that one special gift for each person in your life (and seeing their face when they open it), watching endless Christmas movies in your most comfortable pair of PJ’s, or eating your favorite dishes. Or, maybe it’s something completely different, such as donating your time at a food bank or handing out blankets to those in need. Whatever it might be, focus on those things – the things that bring you and those around you joy. 

5 Ways To Limit Stress This Holiday Season

Make Room For Guests And New Items

With the holidays usually come guests and new items, too. If you are a mom, you probably know how full the playroom gets. I mean, you might even have toys in there that your kids do not touch anymore. If so, start decluttering to make room for new, more age-appropriate items. Another thing to consider is making room for guests. Do you have a guest room(s) available? Is it clutter-free, or do you need to move things around to fully make room? This is definitely something to start thinking about now, especially if you need to move around large furniture items. If you cannot do it yourself, start thinking about how you can make it happen, without stress. You could ask friends to help, or if you want to make it extremely easy and stress-free, hire a moving company that knows how to do the heavy lifting, with ease.

Create a Menu Ahead Of Time

Creating a menu ahead of time can make cooking during the holidays that much easier. You can also prep what you can well in advance, reducing the time that you actually have to spend in the kitchen (always a great thing!). When you do this, think about who your guests might be and consider if they have any preferences or allergies.

Share The Tasks

Also, know that you do not have to do everything alone!. Sharing the tasks can help limit stress this holiday season and it will allow you to enjoy your time with your family much more. Some people might not know to ask what they can do, though, so it might have to be up to you to instruct them. Gently nudge people and ask if they can help you with a task. I am sure they will be glad to do it!

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5 Ways To Limit Stress This Holiday Season

Be Realistic

Last but not least, be realistic. What do you have time for? What is better off to be skipped this year? What do you want to focus on? Be realistic with yourself and know your limits, wants, and needs.

I am getting so excited about the approaching holiday season, but it can also bring stress along with it. Following these 5 ways to limit stress this holiday season should help you tackle everything with ease so that you can enjoy your time!

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