7 Things To Do With Your Kids Before School Is Back In Session

7 Things To Do With Your Kids Before School Is Back In Session post thumbnail image

July means that it’s almost that time of the year again to start putting away your water wings, bug spray, and sunscreen, and trade them in for backpacks, pencil cases, and notebooks. The end of summer holidays (like the 4th of July) always seems to come too soon. Why does summer always fly by? Don’t worry, though. There is still plenty of time to do a few more summer activities with the kids before they head off to school. Check out these 7 things to do with your kids before school is back in session. Check all these fun activities to enjoy and to ensure your little one has plenty of fresh memories when they start school! These ideas are the best way to finish your summer off the right way.

7 Things To Do With Your Kids Before School Is Back In Session


Head outside on a clear summer night with a few blankets and look up at the stars. This is a great activity to do when not in the city or hanging out beside a campfire. Another great idea to pair this with? Backyard camping! Depending on where you live, this might be a little hot for you, but backyard camping can be so much fun in the summer – especially if you have a battery-operated fan. Bring along the smores, your sleeping bags, and get ready for a really fun night.

Live at the beach

I don’t know about you, but we LOVE the beach. Especially during the summer! If you are close to the beach, you have it made. You can live there year-round. However, for a lot of people (most people, I think), going to the beach is a special trip. But, you have options. What about getting a beach rental for the next few weeks? That way, you CAN live at the beach. If you need rental options in NJ, check out Daniel’s Realty. They offer North Wildwood vacation rentals that are clean, safe, and close to everything that you could want to visit during your trip.

7 Things To Do With Your Kids Before School Is Back
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Have a picnic

There is truly nothing more summery than having a picnic outside! Do a little research for your area and find a fabulous picnic site that everyone will enjoy!

Go geocaching

If your kids are a bit older, Geocaching can be an awesome way to get out of the house and give them a fun sense of adventure. Dubbed the “world’s largest treasure hunt,” the Geocaching website will give you all the details you need to find a great treasure hunt!

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Eat breakfast for dinner and eat leftover pizza for breakfast

Have fun and do it backward – eat pizza for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. This is the best way to switch things up and have a fun summer day before your kids go back to school. They will love the switch-up and I’m sure they will talk about it for years to come!~

Have a lemonade sale

Do you remember when people used to have lemonade sales all the time? I’m not sure why this doesn’t happen as much anymore, but let’s bring it back and host lemonade sales this summer before school is back in session again. Buy a pre-made mix, or do it the old fashion way with lemonade and sugar. Either way, your neighbors will love it and your kids will make some extra change! It would definitely be a fun way to end the summer.

7 Things To Do With Your Kids Before School Is Back
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Cheer on your favorite baseball team

Heading out to see a baseball game is a fantastic way to cap off your summer! Truly, nothing says “summer” more to me like a baseball game. If you have big kids you can take them to see their first baseball game or you can take little ones to your local baseball diamond to watch a softball game!

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