Find the Best Summer Reads For Your Kids or Tweens

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Building a passion for reading in our kids is a wonderful habit that can broaden their knowledge, improve their vocabulary, and enhance their imagination. These best summer reads for the kids can also be a great source of entertainment and relaxation. Keep nurturing their love for reading and explore various genres to discover new perspectives and insights.

If you are putting together a list of books for your littles or tweens this summer. Here are a couple of books I’m happy to share with you.

Find the Best Summer Reads For The Kids and Tweens

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From the Pocket of an Overcoat 

May is National Pet Month, and the perfect way to celebrate with a beloved furry one is with the acclaimed children’s book, “From the Pocket of an Overcoat” (Friendly Falls Press; Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster) from author and illustrator Robert Vincent.

Best Summer Reads For The Kids

From the Pocket of an Overcoat” is based on the real-life story of a cat named Max adopted by Vincent’s son Matthew from a homeless woman in Dallas who found Max as a tiny kitten and had him in the pocket of her overcoat as she was trying to find him a home.

The tale is about an affable cat, Max Buckles, and how he finds himself and his way to a new home. Moving from the cozy overcoat pocket of Sally in the city, to the country with Farmer Buckles and his other animals, including four dogs – Sam, Tots, Scotty (who is not Scottish, but is plaid), and Junior Buckles. Along the way, he discovers a true sense of belonging within his new family. As told through the journey of Max the cat, this is a story about self-identity, acceptance, animal rescue, and adoption.

Available online at Amazon,, and at the book’s website,, as well as select bookstores.

A portion of each book sale will be donated to organizations that promote animal rescue and adoption – The Humane Society, Best Friends, and Alley Cat Allies. To learn more, visit or explore the following hashtags: #maxbuckles, #maxbucklesbooks, #maxthecat, #readenjoysharemax, and #fromthepocketofanovercoat.

Alice the Cat By Tim Cummings

Becoming a teenager is a notoriously tumultuous time. Emotions can be hard for anyone
to process, especially for teens struggling to understand why they feel the way they do amid grief
and trauma. This kind of emotional processing is what author Tim Cummings seeks to represent
in his new book, Alice the Cat [May 23, 2023]. This book is definitely a good summer read for tweens.

Good summer reads for tweens

In the town of Weirville, Tess is on the precipice of her thirteenth birthday. Processing the loss of her mother, and attempting to help her father who has become completely detached. Her beloved cat, Alice, has started rushing into the street when cars go by, trying to get run over, pushing Tess to do the only thing she believes may help: run away.

This leads her to a local abandoned house where she discovers a ghostly entity that desperately wants a cat to care for in the afterlife, and it has its heart set on Alice. Tess will do whatever it takes to save Alice, help the ghost, and heal her dad. Teaming up with unexpected friends, including a boy who has a huge crush on her and a local baseball hero turned pariah. The trio soon realizes that it will take more than magic to survive the summer in one piece.

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret

For tweens who Like Action Packed Mystery Adventures. Cruz leaves his tranquil home in Hawaii to join 23 talented kids from around the globe to train at the Explorer Academy with the world’s leading scientists to become the next generation of great explorers. But for Cruz, there’s more at stake. No sooner has he arrived at the Academy than he discovers that his family has a mysterious past that could jeopardize his future. In the midst of codebreaking and cool classes, new friends and augmented reality expeditions, Cruz must tackle the biggest question of all: Who is out to get him, and why?

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret - Good summer reads for tweens

The Explorer Academy seven book series incorporates fact-based fiction, scientific and cultural elements. Codebreaking and ciphers, cool technology and gadgets, and a page turning adventures.

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A Very Dinosaur Birthday

Dinosaurs are big, strong, scary, and farty, So do you really want them coming to your birthday party?

From #1 New York Times Bestselling author of the How To Catch series, including How to Catch a Leprechaun and How to Catch the Tooth Fairy, comes an exploration into A Very Dinosaur Birthday [Tommy Nelson, an imprint of HarperCollins / June 20, 2023 / $12.99] by Adam Wallace.

Best Summer Reads For The Kids

Children will be rolling in giggles as they watch dinosaurs gobble up cake and pizza, jump into the swimming pool and crash into all the presents. This book even includes fun ideas for parents and kids to host their own Very Dinosaur Birthday Party with themed invitations, decorations, snack ideas and activities.

Animal Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition: 2,500 Animals with Photos, Maps and More!

Discover the thousands of animals that call Earth home. This big and beautiful edition of National Geographic’s best-selling Animal Encyclopedia.   Updated and reviewed by experts in the field for the most accurate up-to-date information. This comprehensive reference  features 2,500 species, 1,000 stunning photos, and more than a dozen engaging maps.

Jam-packed with info about animal homes and habitats, migration, life cycles and babies. The book also contains new, exclusive “From the Field” reports. Highlighting National Geographic explorers working around the world to study and protect every kind of animal, from giraffes to penguins and sharks to snails. 

National Geographic's best-selling Animal Encyclopedia

 Perfect for reading for fun, researching for school, or for use in the classroom, Animal Encyclopedia provides an excellent overview of the diversity of animals that live on this planet and why each one is so unique in its own way.

In conclusion, Keeping Your Kids Reading This summer is…

A great way to help them maintain their literacy skills and continue learning outside of the classroom. Encouraging them to read a variety of materials. Including books, magazines, and articles, can help keep them engaged and interested in reading. Additionally, setting aside dedicated reading time each day and discussing what they’ve read can help foster a love of learning and improve their comprehension skills.

Best Summer Reads For The Kids

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