How To Maximize the Room in Your Suitcase

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It’s hard to fight that urge to overpack. I know that I want to prepare for anything that
might happen, and I need an outfit for every possibility. Yet that means I can’t close my
suitcase by the end. Whether you’re flying to a tropical location or having a family-
friendly outdoor adventure
, you should learn to maximize the room in your suitcase.

Go Over Your Itinerary

I can’t know what to pack if I don’t know the activities for the trip. Most of the time, we
overpack because we don’t have a clear itinerary. Get organized and get precise. List
everything you plan on doing during the trip, and then match an outfit for every
I always check the weather for the trip ahead of time so that my clothing matches the
temperature. Pack only one just-in-case jacket because you don’t need more than one
taking up unnecessary room. During the summer, you mainly need shorts and dresses,
but pack only a couple of pairs of pants to be safe.

maximize the room in your suitcase.

Pack With Precision

Start a list of all other items that aren’t clothing. Luckily, the airport makes it impossible
for us to bring oversized toiletries, so it’s harder for us to overpack. Bringing small
bottles of lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, and body wash saves you a lot of space. Look
for a suitcase with hidden compartments so that you don’t need to stuff these items with
your clothing.

Cut back on things that will take up a lot of space, such as chargers, sunscreen, hats,
and shoes. Also, be sure to roll your clothing instead of folding it to create more room
inside the suitcase.

Pack for Day and Night

Packing for day and night doesn’t mean including day outfits and night outfits. It means
packing clothes that work for both time changes. Transitioning your outfits from day to
with only a few accessories is the best trick. I always choose pieces that work for
day and night looks and only need a few alterations to make the transition.

maximize the room in your suitcase.

Use Packing Tools

Most department stores know about the struggle to create more space, and they’ve
come up with tools to help consumers out. Invest in some packing cubes to consolidate
more space. Packing cubes are small bags built to organize travel goods. You organize
your smaller travel items, and the cubes act as grab-and-go bags.
Maximizing the room in my suitcase makes for a lighter load and a more enjoyable
trip. Take advantage of these tips before your next trip!

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