How To Use LiveHealth Online Doctor

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This post is sponsored by LiveHealth Online but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

During this time of chaos in the world, our worry is getting sick or having any family members feeling sick. With all the restrictions and social distancing in place, it is even difficult to head out with the little ones for a doctor’s appointment  And I have to mention finding an available appointment can take you weeks if not months depending on your illness. But, with kids home, we can’t wait that much. 

Considering An Online Doctor?

Last year we had to find more ways to keep in touch with our doctor or specialist that can help us during those stressful times and of course, the internet can make our lives easier. 

If you have asked me 2 years ago if I would consider an online doctor. I would probably have said, “ No, never in my wildest dreams”. But, times have made this our go-to app, in times when we wonder if there is something we have to worry about with our health. 

Whether my child wakes me up at 2 in the morning with a fever or feels sick when they wake up, it’s comforting to have LiveHealth Online available when I need it most. With this quick and convenient health service, I don’t have to leave the house or wait for appointments. I can connect with a doctor on video chat right from my device to get medical help.

How To Use LiveHealth Online Doctor

It’s LiveHealth Online Accepted By Insurance?

Yes, they take insurance. Many health plans have LiveHealth Online as a covered benefit.  

How To Get Started On LiveHealth Online

First, you will want to download the LiveHealth Online app to your mobile device or visit it directly from your tablet, or desktop. I downloaded it right onto my iPhone from the App Store.

Next, you’ll create a Log In. This was simple and easy to do. The whole process of registering for the account took me maybe 5-10 minutes. and I was able to easily schedule an appointment with …

  • Medical Services – Select the doctor you would like to see to start a visit. Doctors can assess your condition, provide a treatment plan, and send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of choice.
  • Behavioral Health – Qualified therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are there to help if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or need to talk to someone. (Online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you are in crisis or have suicidal thoughts it is important that you seek help immediately or call 911) 
  • Allergy Services – 
  • Urgent Care – The fastest way to see a doctor for common conditions. Once you choose the Urgent Care service, you’ll be asked to select if this visit is for medical, children’s medical or women’s health. 

Select Your Physician

The next step is going to be picking a doctor. You’ll see a list of providers that are available along with a notification of patients who are on the waiting list. You can choose to see the next available provider or you can research the providers and choose your own. You can see a full profile of the registered doctors from years of experience to what languages the doctors speak.

When we were choosing a doctor, I knew that my 7-year-old would be more comfortable speaking with a female doctor. We looked together and choose ones she thought she would feel comfortable with, but I picked one with more experience. Keep in mind that picking your own doctor can result in wait time or you can choose to be seen by any of the many doctors available at the time. 

How To Use LiveHealth Online Doctor

Getting Ready For the Visit

Once you’ve chosen a doctor, you’ll walk through a series of questions. Just like filling out paperwork at a doctor’s office. You’ll report on your medical history, and symptoms, and have to share information on any current medication you’re taking (if any). You’ll also be asked for the pharmacy information in case a prescription is needed. Prescriptions will be sent online and all you have to do is wait for a call or text when your prescription is ready.

How To Use LiveHealth Online Doctor

Speaking With the Doctor

We spoke with a very nice doctor who was very thorough. My daughter had a nosebleed that morning, and the doctor told us that this could be caused by nasal dryness, nose picking, or a severe injury (but since she was just waking up that morning we scratch that option out)

The provider listened as my daughter described her symptoms, then she asked a lot of questions to help her better understand how she was feeling. The doctor explained nosebleeds are common in children between 2 and 10 yrs and dry air can be the main cause. Her recommendation was to try and keep her nostrils moist. So using a cotton swab gently smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly into the nostril 3 times a day. Since it’s winter here in NY and the heater is ON often the air may be too dry for her so using a humidifier in her room will be the best option.      

TIP: You can request a doctor’s note if you need one.

We are all going through so much this past year. The Pandemic definitely has hit us hard. 

Being a mom, wife, teacher, friend, and caretaker this year has me feeling so overwhelmed at times. Love that I can use LiveHealth Online when I am feeling anxious or stressed. I can schedule a visit with a psychiatrist or therapist from the privacy of my own home. I can talk to a trained professional who gives advice and treatment plans if needed.

How To Use LiveHealth Online Doctor

LiveHealth Online doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are dedicated to keeping you healthy from the comfort of your home. This means no traffic, no waiting rooms, or more exposure to germs.

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