NEW Dove Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash & Beauty Bar

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This post was made possible thanks to my friends at Dove. This is not a compensated post. I was provided products to facilitate this review.  

The NEW Dove Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash and Beauty Bar with mild micellar technology. Refreshes skin while gently cleansing away pollutants and environmental stressors like dirt and impurities to reveal soft, smooth skin

NEW Dove Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash & Beauty Bar

 Dove is the first to bring Micellar Water technology to the mass U.S. Body Wash market

Every day, our skin is exposed to pollutant particles that are up to 20x smaller than the skin’s pores, so it’s easy to lose the feeling of skin being refreshed and clean.

But, What Is The Micellar Hype All About

What exactly is micellar water and what are its benefits?

Micellar water is a solution containing tiny cleansing molecules that gently remove impurities from the skin, often without the need to rinse. The “micelles” are molecules that are both hydrophilic (mix with water) and lipophilic (mix with oil). Basically, the technology traps oil and impurities inside the micelles and gently removes them from the skin. The solution does not over strip, leaving the skin with essential lipids and natural moisturizers.  A balance necessary for healthy skin.

Should I opt for a micellar water cleanser vs. a traditional cleanser?

If you are always on the run, have sensitive skin, do not wear a lot of skin products (i.e., makeup or sunscreen), and are not acne-prone, incorporating a micellar water cleanser is a great option for cleansing the skin.

Since most micellar water products do not require rinsing. I would be worried that it is not enough to remove heavy makeup or sunscreen. If you are a heavy product user and are acne prone. You can use micellar technology as a first or second pass.

Can I use it every day or is it something that can overused?

Absolutely the cleansers can be used every day, especially when paired with extra moisturizers. I’m excited that Dove introduced a new body cleanser with this innovation, as it’s something we see mostly in facial products vs. body cleansers. The Dove Anti Stress Micellar Water Body Wash and Beauty Bar are formulated with 1/4 moisturizers to replenish nutrients lost during regular cleansing or exfoliation for soft, smooth skin.

Can I use it on top of what I already use or would that minimize its effectiveness?

Micellar water technology can be used best before a cleanser that one already uses. I would not use it “after” a cleanser that delivers active ingredients, like cleansers that are used to treat rosacea or acne, as you do not want to remove the active ingredients from the skin. But using it as a first pass is always an option if your skin is not too dry or sensitive. 

To help counteract the effects of pollution, like dirt and impurities; Dove has transferred the impressive credentials of micellar water technology, made famous in facial skincare, to the new Anti-Stress Micellar Water Body Wash & Beauty Bar

NEW Dove Anti-Stress Micellar Water body wash and beauty bar offers gentle care through the cleansing power of micellar technology with the nourishment of Dove.

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