Squishmallows A Great Gift For Anyone.

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My little one is currently in Kindergarten and we already received the save the date notes for her graduation Date. What!!

I have been thinking and looking for the perfect, snuggable, stuffed friend to gifted my daughter for a great school year. What always keeps popping in my head is Squishmallows might just be the gift this little one will enjoy the most. Squishmallows are cute, extremely cuddly and super soft.

Bruce & Maribel

Squishmallows are available in a wide variety from sea life, Bugs Life to farm animals and fantasy creatures sweet unicorns. They have more than 50 characters available per season this includes Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s and Xmas making them the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for under $5, $10, $20 and $30 (depending on the size).

With also a wide range sizes to choose from the littlest of 3.5-inch “clip-on” style to the 16 and 24-inch sizes, kids, friends, and loved ones will go absolutely wild over Squishmallows. Now we can also find 8-inch & 12-inch
square, “Stackable” styles, 8-inch reversible Sequins Squishmallows, and the newest ones 10-Inch Hug Mees also available.

Squishmallows A Great Gift For Anyone

Squishmallows are well-known for helping people with anxiety and they are also used as sensory toys for kids and for kids on the spectrum.

Squishmallows A Great Gift For Anyone

Squishmallows would definitely make a great gift for anyone on your list this graduation season. 

1.Ricky , 2.Cookie, 3. Bruce, 4. Gordon

To see all the styles Squishmallows has for us visit www.squishmallows.com and to purchase you can find them at major retailers or for a complete list Click —> here.

73 thoughts on “Squishmallows A Great Gift For Anyone.”

  1. I keep buying, Ever since I first saw a post for Squishmallows years ago on this blog I will be buying my daughter some more for Valentines Day thanks 😊 for keeping your blog going it’s a great site 😘

  2. Was just looking at there website they have a great special for 39.99 includes a 10 inch hug me and 5 eight inch that’s a deal i can’t pass up

  3. O yeah they are the big ones they own! I just asked my son and he wants number 3 🙂

  4. My little boy has frog and owl my niece has two cat pillows ! They love Squishmallows

  5. Very adorable going shopping 🛍 this weekend will be fun letting my daughter pick out the one she’s likes Your blog is so amazing 😉 I’m always looking forward to seeing what you are sharing thanks 😍

  6. Squishmallows are great for so many comforting reasons 💜 I love Bruce, #3.

  7. They are all so cute, #2 or #4 are my favorite.

  8. Saw this on your instagram page I got one for my son he’s 4 and takes it everywhere we picked it up at target

  9. I saw the smaller ones in 5 below and the first thing I thought of was your blog that’s because you are always sharing ,my children love 💕 them will be adding to there collection #2 pink is my favorite

  10. I made a mistake I asked my daughter which one she would like to have yes she wants all of them going on Squishmallows website to order some now

  11. I love all of them but #4 is my favorite and then #2. Who can choose? 😉

  12. I would love to win #1! I’m trying to start a clownfish collection and Ricky would be a lovely addition 😍

  13. Thinking 🤔 I’m the only person that never saw Squishmallows until now would love to win one my girls would be so happy will enter the giveaway

  14. I would love 3 or 4! I already have an 8” of Bruce, but he’s just so cute! I don’t have any Gordon.

  15. I love Squishmallows! I’d be so happy to win #3, the walrus!

  16. I would love any of them! They are all so cute ☺️💕 I’ve wanted another for a while. And it would be the perfect grad gift! 3 and 4 I’ve wanted for a while but I love them all 💗

  17. Will be picking up some Squishmallows for my kids so cute and affordable thanks for sharing, your blog is so enjoyable 🥰

  18. My daughter would love 3 the walrus. They are all pretty cute though.

  19. Just saw your blog on Squishrmallows twitter will enter your giveaway #2 i would like to win

  20. I love the 1 and 3. I think I’ll go with 3 since my kids don’t have a a walrus toy at all.

  21. They are all so cute. However if I must choose one it would be number 3.

  22. adorable, I will buy for a gift for a good school year for my girls

  23. Was just on the website you shared for Squishmallows they have some great free coloring sheets you can download my kids enjoy 😉 it thanks for sharing

  24. These are great, going to buy for my granddaughters #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  25. My baby boy would also love this! Him & his sister love to cuddle with their squishmallows but they have the smaller size so winning this 16 inch would be such a surprise for them!

  26. These are too cute! My daughter is obsessed with squishmallows she loves to cuddle with them when she goes to bed. She would be so happy to have Cookie or Bruce!

  27. I got to be honest with you this Blog is so good 😊 it’s super awesome and so easy to navigate going to enter the giveaway definitely #1

  28. Me too love #2 think 🤔 my children 👶 will want all of them 🤦🏻‍♀️

  29. My daughter is also going to go crazy 😜 for any of the Squishmallows her birthday is coming makes a perfect gift thanks for sharing

  30. I showed my son Oscar he loves #1 he said it looks just like him he’s 6 years old will enter the give-away I’m loving ❤️ This and your instagram is very nice 👌🏻

  31. just entered your giveaway hopefully I will win , my baby girl would love them I’ll probably buy #2 because that’s my daughters favorite color saw this on Twitter so cute thanks for the gift 🎁 ideas

  32. oh i 4got to comment which one haha #4 please thanks again!

  33. thanks for the giveaway! congrats to your little one!!! i love squishmallows so much!!! i live in new york too n i rarely see these guys in stores

  34. Hi. I would love to win #1 Ricky, please. I enjoyed reading your blog. I love Squishmallow too. Thanks for the opportunity of winning it.

  35. Everyone is talking about how adorable they are I want one ☝️

  36. I have a lamb that my 2 girls fight over! They absolutely love it! We’d love to win the shark #4. thanks so much for the opportunity.

  37. Congrats 🎊 your little one is growing up so fast my daughter is 11 and loves squishmallows

  38. Yes that’s a great gift 💝 my daughter would love super cute I will be buying more that one thanks for sharing

  39. I have Bruce in 8in and Cookie in a little 5in so I must add Ricky the clownfish to my collection 💕💕

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