Skulls, Pearls and Crystals: The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas

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There’s no time of year as moody and exhilarating as October. Cold nights, black cats crossing your path, the smell of autumn in the air. That’s right: it’s spooky season. That’s why putting together these Halloween decoration ideas was a must.

If you love all things Halloween, then decorating for this time of year is an absolute joy. From skulls to pearls and crystals, here are some of the best Halloween decoration ideas that you’re sure to love.

The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas

Candles, Pumpkins, and Sticks

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be over the top to make an impact. If you have a limited budget, stick to the basics. Pumpkins and fall mums look beautiful and rustic by day throughout the Halloween season. On Halloween night, change it up by stocking up on black candles and sticks to make a witches circle. 

Arrange the sticks in a messy circular formation, putting candles around the edge. Be cautious when putting these together: either wet the wood or put the candles in a hurricane glass. Never leave the open flame unattended.

Rather than having trick-or-treaters come to your door, don a dark robe and sit in the circle with candy. This look is just creepy enough to give the kids shivers without sending them into nightmare “terror-tory.”

Shakespearean Delights

For a different take on Halloween decor, invoke your inner Shakespeare. Hit the local thrift shop for old books, or make a few DIY book covers that you can repurpose every year. Stack these books on an antique-looking side table, with pieces of parchment, an ink quill, and candles. Don’t forget the cherry on top: a crystal skull from FossilEra.

This is a simple way to decorate your entryway for when trick-or-treaters come to visit. It’s perfect for bibliophiles who enjoy the ghost stories more than any other Halloween activity.

The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas
Image Source: FossilEra

The Fortune Teller’s Fortress

Fortune-tellers of old inspire another simple-yet-impactful decor scheme. Set up a table with a crystal ball or crystal skull for an extra eerie effect. You can use a beach sarong or textured fabric for the table cloth. Scatter the table with crystals and pearls, a few candles, and some tarot cards to maximize the effect.

The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas

Make this Halloween decoration interactive by having children choose a card that tells them how many pieces of candy they will receive or giving them a fortune card to take with them.

White Moons and Black Bats

Not all decor schemes have to be filled with ghouls and goblins. Opting for a simple white moons and black bats theme is elegant and unique. This black and white display will stand out from the usual Halloween themes and makes for a great party backdrop.

Start by printing or painting vintage moons with faces on poster board to hang on the walls. You can create bats from black poster board and create a 3D display on your wall. For further party decor, use Beetlejuice-inspired black and white striped table cloths. You can spray paint dollar store trays black and candlesticks then adhere them together to make Victorian-inspired serving trays. 

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Ye Olde Apothecary

Potions and poisons, oh my! This theme is perfect for crafty people who want to involve the kids in making decorations. Repurpose old bottles and jars to set up an apothecary (or potion shop). You can keep it simple by printing labels and adhering them to old wine bottles or make it a creative experiment using paint, hot glue, raffia, and other baubles. 

For an added effect, pick up some dry ice to display in a cauldron around your bottles. Be sure to take proper precautions when handling dry ice, and keep it out of reach of the children. Remember to keep a few jars undecorated, so you can create creepy floating heads using photographs.

If you’re tired of the same old cardboard ghosts and black and orange streamers, try one of these spooktacular Halloween themes this year!

The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas

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