The Best Time For Whale Watching in New York City

The Best Time For Whale Watching in New York City post thumbnail image

This is the perfect time to make a splash this summer by booking a whale-watching tour in New York City. While it may seem like a usual place to find wildlife. Event Cruises NYC’s whale-watching tours offer an amazing opportunity to witness the majestic presence of large whales splashing in their natural habitat. 

Each year the number of whales coming to the waters around New York has increased. Ocean Graphic Magazine has counted a hundred-fold since 2011 and according to National Geographic, there’s a 97% sighting rate to see at least one whale. While whale sightings are never guaranteed the frequency of appearances has become more frequent. Event Cruises NYC has already had over eleven whale sightings since the cruises started this season with more expected. 

The Best Time For Whale Watching in New York City

Event Cruises NYC’s whale watching experience is seamless as you can board effortlessly from Manhattan. It is the only company offering whale-watching cruises from New York’s Pier 36 making it convenient and seamless for customer boarding and departures. 

The Best Time For Whale Watching in New York City

What Can You Expect

On the Event Cruises NYC whale-watching tour, adventure seekers can encounter North Atlantic Right Whales, Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, and Dolphins. During the experience, guests will have the perfect opportunity to take photos and learn more about New York’s unique population of wildlife. 

The whale-watching tours offered by Event Cruises NYC will keep you engaged and entertained. This experience features kid-friendly board games, marine books, and coloring books for kids of all ages to enjoy along the adventure. The boat captain will point out photo opportunities throughout the trip.

Words From The Director

Nicholas Giraldi, Director of Event Cruises NYC Marine Operations comments, “The environmental work that began in the 1970’s has brought New York to the point where the Hudson River discharges nutrients, rather than pollution which has protected wildlife and attracted marine mammals. NY harbor has been steadily growing its oyster population thanks to the “Billion Oyster Project” which has markedly improved the water quality. As a captain, I enjoy watching our guests get excited whenever we have a whale spotting. It is something to behold – one most locals and tourists will want to add to their New York City bucket list”. 

About Event Cruises NYC

Event Cruises NYC hosts a diverse range of experiences. They are all unique, fun, and inclusive atmosphere. Prepare for different holidays and seasonal events. As well as regular brunch, dinner, and wine tasting cruises. Event Cruises NYC is a subsidiary of Go New York Tours, which operates tour buses under the brand TopView Sightseeing, sightseeing cruises under the brand Liberty Cruise, and bike rentals under the brand Bike Rental Central Park

Important Notes

  • Dates: Sat & Sun, Apr 29 – Oct 29
  • Departure point: Pier 36 (NY)
  • Departure timing: 9:00 am
  • Vessel: Liberty Cruise, The Manhattan
  • Price: $55/kids, $85/adult (+fees) | Purchase tickets online and get up 23% off
  • Admission Type: General Admission only
  • Seating: Available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Food & Drinks: Available for purchase on board
  • Includes Onboard entertainment, spectacular views of the city skyline, and local landmarks.
  • Route: Cruising routes vary on each trip in order to scout out the beloved sea mammals
The Best Time For Whale Watching in New York City

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