Visiting Medieval Times! Here Are Some Tips For You…

Visiting Medieval Times! Here Are Some Tips For You… post thumbnail image

Summer break is around the corner and this is the perfect time to start thinking about fun places to visit to keep the kids entertained and away from their devices.

You may know that we are a family of four and sometimes going out can get pretty expensive. Needless to say, the teen doesn’t make our family outings any easier. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find something we can attend where everyone is happy. 

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Visiting Medieval Times!

Last winter we visited Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Lyndhurst, NJ! with the family for the very first time. It has been a seriously long time since we are able to do something together so what is best that to celebrate a family day. That’s why we put together this post to share some tips for when you visit the Medieval Times close to you.

Visiting Medieval Times! Here some Tips For You

Getting to the place was an easy 55 Mins drive to NJ. Since it was a weekend day too I was contemplating some extra traffic on the road but luckily we had a smooth drive.

Once there, we were check-in, receive table cards for seats (assigned first-come, first-serve), and the cardboard crowns color coordinated to our seating section. After check-in, we were offered to pose for pictures with the Queen and head into the Hall of Arms.

What To Expect:

Hall Of Arms is filled with vendors selling souvenirs, swords, princess hats, knights’ armor, jewelry, and many other items. There’s a bar where you can enjoy some delicious drinks and the dungeon that doubles as a museum of medieval torture. (extra fee may apply.)

Visiting Medieval Times! Here some Tips For You

we got to enjoy a “hands-on” feast at the same time as the dynamic performance unfolds before you.

Very soon after sitting, our server introduced himself and was ready to start filling our plates. We were offered beverages and our first course was a delicious tomato bisque soup with a slice of warm garlic bread. The entire dinner is served without a fork, spoon, or knife!

The meal also included roasted chicken, buttered corn on the cob, half a roasted herb potato, and end up our meal with ice cream for dessert or coffee.

Everything was delicious the family loved it. I also have to mention that adults and kids are served the same meal and you have the option to choose from a vegetarian meal if you requested in advance.

Here are a few TIPS for when you visit Medieval Times!

1. Arrive early. Doors open 75 Mins before the actual show starts. There are plenty of things to do during that time including taking pictures with the King or Queen.

Visiting Medieval Times! Here some Tips For You

2. Make check-in easy by printing your tickets in advance or saving them on your phone’s wallet.

3. Free parking is available at premises and it filled up pretty quickly so as to tip #1 arriving with enough time is always a good idea.

4. Like I mentioned before utensils are not part of the experince … But, don’t you worry they do provide moist clean-up napkins as many as you need.

5. Don’t worry about finishing the meal fast. You can ask for a to-go box for leftovers! Yes, that’s neat! If you are a mom you can understand me…

Visiting Medieval Times! Here some Tips For You

Let loose and enjoy! oh and Cheer for your knight!

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Visiting Medieval Times! Here some Tips For You

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  1. We saw the show in Florida (on vacation)we need to visit this one in NJ my son loves Medieval 🏰 Times

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