Visiting Salem, MA…The Best Of Our Day In Salem

Visiting Salem, MA…The Best Of Our Day In Salem post thumbnail image

As you all may remember … if you followed me on Instagram…You probably saw that we had a short weekend getaway to Boston, Massachusetts. 

We took some of our time there to visit the famous city of Salem … this is a place that I’ve always wanted to go to and being this close I couldn’t let it pass.  

Visiting Salem, MA… Our Day In Salem

Visiting Salem, MA... Our Day In Salem

Salem is almost an hour away from Boston, depending on traffic. Once you there finding parking shouldn’t be difficult as they are several parking lots in the area.

The day we visited it was really cold and started to snow so we couldn’t spend a whole lot of time there as I may have wanted. Besides Dani got spooked by all the window displays there.

To escape from the cold we visited the Witch City Mall. It is a small well-distributed location and their business display windows are very particular here. You will see what I’m talking about in the short video that I have for you. 

Watch This Shot Video From Our Visit

As you saw on the picture above, here they take very seriously dressing up … and more went it comes to being the best well-dress witch in Salem. From Dress, shoes, hats and even make-up, you can find it all in this place.

As I mentioned before it was a cold and snowy day in Spring it really took us off guard but, then again ….it wasn’t the first snow that we had in Spring this year… In New York, we went through a nor’eastern the week before our trip. So the snow and rain prevent us from spending more time there and getting to walk all its main streets. 

We got to see this awesome Bewitched statue that was easily found in Lappin Park at Essex and Washington Streets. I was a big fan of the show growing up and now to have the opportunity to see this statue was really cool. Do you know that one of their episode was filmed there in 1970?. The statue was donated by TV Land in 2005 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the show.

Can you notice the red line on the ground? This red line is the Salem Heritage Trail you can pick up a map and follow the red line to many of Salem’s landmarks and attractions.

We had a short fun day at Salem but there is a lot to do and lots to see so.  we definitely have to come back and complete the trail.

Visiting Salem, MA

Have you visited Salem, MA? How was your experience?

Tell me all about it.

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  1. How wonderful!!! So sad I’m soooo far away. But one day will do my very best to travel your way.. Thank for sharing you adventures … it awesome to see new places even if it’s in pics. Lovely blog you have.

  2. Now this is a perfect place for our family to visit we love weekend getaways looks like a very nice place to visit we will be going this summer most likely thanks for the great recommendation

  3. Nice trip …. We live not so far from Boston ..and we have never visit Salem 🙈.. I have to put this trip on my places to visit list …love your blog , thanks for sharing

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