30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 23

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Let’s start with 30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 23. The challenge is simple yet incredibly rewarding. For the next 30 days, we’ll commit ourselves to writing and publishing a blog post each day. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, this challenge is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your writing skills, engage with your readers, and showcase your unique perspective on a variety of topics.

30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day 23

Reaching this post for the first time.. check out my 30 Days Blogging Challenge post for details to start this challenge with me, you can also find there the topic for each day post… let’s do this!!!!

30 Days Blogging Challenge - Day 23

Day 23


Write a letter to your teenage self.

Hey Iveth!

I’m so glad I finally sat down to write this letter to you. It’s been long overdue, and there are some important things I want to share.

First off, I wanted to give you a heads-up because some major changes are headed your way. Take it easy and remember that your parents are just doing their best to give you a better life.

Do you know how they say change is a good thing? Well, nobody tells you how tough it can be! Brace yourself because you’ll be moving really far away from your hometown. Leaving behind family and friends will be heart-wrenching. It’ll be tough living in a new country where you don’t speak the language and meeting people who won’t understand what you’re going through. But don’t worry, with time, your heart will heal.

Speaking of school, remember how much you love theater and acting? Well, guess what? You’ll still have that passion, but here’s the twist: you’ll end up graduating as a Paralegal. I know, it’s quite the opposite, but trust me, you’ll find a deep love for it.

Now, let’s talk about your love life, girl! You’re going to meet someone who will bring so much love, happiness, and laughter into your life. He’ll understand you like no other, and guess what? You’ll tie the knot real fast, and before you know it, you’ll have a little bundle of joy, a baby boy! Surprise, surprise!

But hold on tight because there will be some challenging times too. You and your hubby will go through ups and downs, and there will be moments when you’ll fight like cats and dogs. But guess what? Your profound love for each other will always shine through.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep praying. God will help make your dreams come true and keep your family together. You’ll encounter doctors who might try to discourage you, but hang in there, pray to God, and He will listen. In His perfect timing, you’ll be blessed with another baby—a beautiful baby girl! Another surprise, but oh so amazing!

Your parents will continue to be there for you, supporting you every step of the way. Make sure you show them your gratitude.

Life will be a rollercoaster, with its fair share of ups and downs, but your family will always be your rock. Trust in God, and He will guide you through it all.

Alright, Iveth, take a deep breath. You’re a strong and resilient person, and you’ve got what it takes to handle whatever comes your way. Embrace the changes, treasure your loved ones, and always hold on to your faith. The future is filled with incredible adventures just for you.

Sending you loads of love and support,

Your older and wiser self

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