4 Tips To Get Your Kids Excited About Your Next Ski Trip

4 Tips To Get Your Kids Excited About Your Next Ski Trip post thumbnail image

Skiing is a wonderful sport for families, but it can be tricky if the kids have never
experienced a trip like this before. The best way to get kids excited about the next
family ski trip is to prepare them ahead of time. Try to implement these tips to increase
the entire family’s enjoyment during this vacation!

Watch Videos About Skiing Together

Not all kids know what skiing is. Luckily, there are plenty of videos on the internet that
teach kids about the sport.
I like to show my kids videos about skiing from cartoons like Caillou or Curious George.
These cartoons hold their attention and provide a great visual of the activity we’re about
to try.
Don’t be afraid to show the kids real-life examples too! There are plenty of short clips
online of expert skiers that will get the kids excited for your next ski trip.

Try Buying Fun Ski Gear

Kids are instantly thrilled to try an activity when they have a fun costume to wear! Start
them off with an adorable thermal youth top to keep them comfortable in the cold. Next,
add a fluffy and fun coat, then buy a fun pair of goggles for the slopes. Put on the ski
outfit before the trip to cultivate their enthusiasm.

Skiing is a wonderful sport for families

Practice Skiing in the Backyard

Now that the gear is on, the family might as well pretend to ski, too! Put on their boots,
add the ski equipment to their feet, and place ski poles in their hands.
Stand beside the kids and demonstrate how to ski. Work on bending the knees, leaning
from side to side, and maintaining balance.
By the time the trip comes around, the kids will feel comfortable in their cool ski gear
and remember what to expect. It will be less of a hassle to dress them the day of, and
they’re more likely to feel thrilled to get on the slopes with their parents.

Talk About the Trip in Detail

My kids gave me some trouble the first time I took them to one of our favorite vacation
spots in Western New York.

But that experience taught me a valuable lesson: talking about the vacation beforehand is helpful to mentally prepare your little ones for the trip. Families going to Disney World talk about the superheroes and princesses they’ll see while going on some amazing rides. The same should apply when planning a ski vacation. Explain the process, describe the fun, and answer any questions they may have.

Children are visual learners. They have much to learn about the world around them, and parents play an essential role. Take these tips into consideration before leaving for the next family ski adventure to make sure the kids have an amazing trip!

Next family ski trip

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