5 Historic Places To Visit on Your East Coast Road Trip

5 Historic Places To Visit on Your East Coast Road Trip post thumbnail image

The United States East Coast, the birthplace of the USA, is filled with patriotic history. There is much to see and learn throughout these states, making a trip through this area an enriching experience for the whole family. When planning an East Coast road trip, I recommend putting these five historic places to visit into the mix.  

Freedom Trail, Massachusetts 

Nestled in the heart of Boston, the Freedom Trail highlights some of the United States’ most important historical landmarks. This red-brick path leads over four million annual visitors through 2.5 miles of parks, buildings, and educational sites. Some of my must-sees include: 

  • Park Street Church 
  • Boston Massacre Site 
  • Paul Revere House 
  • USS Constitution—“Old Ironsides” 
  • Bunker Hill Monument 

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Gettysburg is famous for the three-day Battle of Gettysburg, fought during the Civil War. This battle, resulting in a Union victory, was the turning point of the war and is greatly known for the famous “Gettysburg Address” delivered by President Lincoln months after the fight. The National Park Service now protects this site, and it is a fulfilling educational experience for all visitors. The nearby town celebrates the area’s rich history, welcoming nearly one million tourists annually.  

five historic places to visit

Williamsburg, Virginia 

Williamsburg, founded in 1699 by English settlers, was one of the US’s first planned cities. Today, the town is well-preserved as the world’s largest living history museum, called Colonial Williamsburg. The town encourages fully immersing yourself in the eighteenth century by dressing up in period clothing, taking a carriage ride, and touring landmarks.  

Gilette Castle, Connecticut 

Gillette Castle is one of Connecticut’s most interesting experiences. While it doesn’t have the rich history of some other landmarks, this early 1900s construction was influenced by medieval and gothic times, giving it a European feel. By going on an adventure in Gillette Castle, you will instantly be transported to a life of luxury and royalty.  

Fort Adams, Rhode Island 

Fort Adams, in Newport, Rhode Island, is a former Army and Navy post established on July 4, 1799. It provides extensive historical information and offers a beautiful view of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. Since it is no longer in operation, there are many activities for visitors, including fishing, boating, and touring this interesting fort.  

Taking the family on an educational road trip through the East Coast will give you and the kids a glimpse into the rich history of the United States. Learning about the country’s beginnings has endless benefits that will keep your kids entertained. So, prepare your truck for the road trip of a lifetime and head on out. When you visit these five historic places on an East Coast road trip, you will feel a surge of patriotism and fully appreciate the founding of the USA. 

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