Brooklyn Cloth Line with Flair that Won’t Break the Bank

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You all know that I have a teen at home… He is 18, in college now, and he has chosen to dye half his hair blond.

Learning more now with this Brooklyn Cloth Line that with have a teenager home. With a teen at home comes a lot of different headaches. Like, making sure he is not cutting school, like keep reminding him that the cell is for emergency and not to be watching Netflix all the time (even during class), like being specific with the time he has to be home: ” If I told you to be home at 5 is TO BE HOME AT 5. it isn’t to stay with your friend until 5 to start your journey home.

I have to also learn to pick and choose my battles. He wanted his hair long, ok… I can go with that.

He wanted to dye his hair red (at first), Ok I can deal with that. (btw, he now spends more time in the salon than I do).

He wants to dress a specific type of way… ok, I can go for that too. But, went he tells me that one piece of the clothes he wants is more than $100. I CAN’T GO FOR THAT.

Brooklyn Cloth Line

This post was made possible by my friends at Brooklyn Cloth. I acquired complimentary products to facilitate my overview, although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Teenagers are getting to be very complex when it comes to dressing up. They are looking for super fashionable pieces that can match with certain pair of shoes or with a specific top.

Dressing up for high school is just a big deal now

Luckily for us and for my wallet, we came across this awesome brand Brooklyn Cloth.

I learned that Brooklyn Cloth is a leader in on-trend apparel that helps its customers express their individuality. They have been able to gather inspiration from across the globe, and even from their own home of New York City.

Brooklyn Cloth stands out for its unique fabrics, eye-catching graphics, and must-have silhouettes.

Brooklyn Cloth Line

The teen loves JOGGERS and Brooklyn Cloth has perfected the FIT, style, and comfort at a great price. For adults, Brooklyn Cloth’ Joggers start at $40, Outerwear at $50. You can get a complete outfit for $65
Also find boys Joggers that start at $35, Outerwear at $45. You can get a complete outfit for $50

Brooklyn Cloth Line

Best of all… I now have a super happy teen (and that is something hard to do nowadays!) at home, He will have a super cool style in school and I can now understand more of the new fashion trends for this new Generation.

Brooklyn Cloth Line
Comfy Vibes Apparel ad

What’s He Wearing:

  • Savage Checkered Hoodie in Black $38
  • Black Twill Jogger Pants $44
  • Black Good Vibes Long Sleeve Tee $24

Visit for the latest fashion trends and don’t forget to follow Brooklyn Cloth on their social media channels like Facebook and Instagram

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  1. I actually saw your instagram post for the Brooklyn clothe line now that the weather is getting colder it’s the perfect time to buy my sons some new clothing thanks for sharing

  2. Your son has some great clothes on I wouldn’t mind buying my sons something from this lineup now I’ll go on the Brooklyn Cloth website to see what we will order thanks for sharing enjoy 😊 the beautiful weekend

  3. Very nice looking clothes my boys like a casual style later I’ll show them 🤞

  4. I have never heard of this brand before as my boys are 4 and 9 so they are not really asking for anything specific. But I do have to say that this was super informative and I’m loving how stylish the pieces are. I’m not looking forward to the teenage years.. lol Great post Amiga! xox

  5. My boys need some T-shirts for the summer they have some nice ones for under 15 dollars on sale I will probably order some thanks for sharing

  6. Your blog is so awesome I’m always looking forward to all you are sharing I appreciate the Discount code the clothes are nice looking and my boys would love the styles

  7. My boy is 8 years old I went onto the link for Brooklyn-cloth that you shared and I’m super happy they also have great clothing for the kids thanks for sharing this great company 👌🏻

  8. my teenage son makes me crazy 😜 he said he must have new clothes so he looks good very happy that he likes the Brooklyn cloth line ( great prices ) my order is placed thanks for sharing love 💕 all the instagram photos

  9. I’m a single mom and this helps me they offer low monthly payments with 0% interest Now I can afford to buy something for my kids without making me broke 😘

  10. The clothes from Brooklyn-cloth is (cool) clothing that my boy would wear I like there website I’m going to order my son some shirts for the warmer weather coming thanks for sharing this 👏

  11. I showed my son the Brooklyn-clothing website he actually likes lots of things thanks for making our shopping a lot easier and we appreciate the 21% off

  12. My son likes the Black savage hoodie that your son is wearing I will be ordering it for him it’s a great price for 38 dollars thanks to you for sharing and your son did a great job he can be a professional model

  13. My boys are into hats 🧢 and they have some nice ones for only 15 dollars and a discount thanks to you 🥰

  14. Great post saw your instagram also some cool 😎 looks your son has I will definitely check out this company for my kids

  15. Loving the orange trainers!#alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  16. Thank you for the discount code I was just on their website they have some great clothes I will buy my nephew some birthday presents from there thank you for sharing

  17. I have 2 boys 12 and 14 this will be perfect for our boys I didn’t know about Brooklyn Cloth looks like some of the coolest styles at affordable prices

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