Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest

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A couple of weeks ago we were invited to be part of the amazing Toy Insider’s Holiday Of Play. We attended this virtual event where well-known toy brands had the opportunity to showcase their best creations for the coming holiday season. And of course, the little one was the one more excited to be there!. I hope you guys enjoy this short Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest.

We got a first glimpse into what the hot toy trends will be for the 2020 holiday season and D. put together her wish list.

Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest

There are so many fun and entertaining toys coming out this season wow!!! We can find something from everyone’s budget and for every age.

We totally understand that these are unprecedented times and that this year’s celebrations will be completely different than before but we can try to celebrate with the family as it’s best. Here was so this year’s Toy Insider’s Holiday of Play had everything for everyone on your list. I’ve picked some of Dani’s fav. toys from the event that will be perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Trinity & Beyond – Custom Buildable Mini Figure Blind Bag

Trinity and Madison fans can “build” friendships with their new BFF’s as they collect the Trinity & Beyond Buildable Mini Figures. Mix and match faces, outfits and shoes to make custom characters. The Series 1 assortment features 12 different fun and fantasy figures including Mermaid Trinity, Musical Madison, and Goal Time Trinity. Adding to the play are the interchangeable charms that can be used throughout the entire Trinity & Beyond toy line to add personal flair.

Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest

5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2

5 Surprise Mini Brands are a global phenomenon after going viral on
TikTok, amassing over 600 million organic views. Now there’s a whole new
series that can fit in the palm of your hand. There are over 100 new brands to collect, including Heinz Ketchup, Kool-Aid, Miracle Whip, and Jell-O —and new shopping accessories as well.
Kids can discover rare Metallic and Glow in the Dark Minis, and super
rate Golden Minis. For Ages: 4+, MSRP: $6.99
● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest

Kitten Catten Catfe Purrista Girls

Series 3 is a collection of 12 cat-inspired dolls hidden inside a cute boba cup. Each cup is filled with multiple surprises from an adorable outfit to super cute fashion accessories hidden inside boba themed packets. Discover 1, 2, or 3 Meowble kitten charms hidden inside a color-changing boba ball.
For an added surprise, the straw can be used as a stamper with an adorable kitten graphic! Ages: 3+, MSRP: $9.99.
● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest


BriteBrushTM is the smart toothbrush that makes it fun to brush right, right out of the box! We know that children learn best while having fun which is why we packed GameBrush & Baby Shark with songs, games, and live coaching to encourage proper brushing techniques.

Featuring revolutionary oral care technology to encourage full mouth coverage, including:

  • Live feedback
  • Smart brushing sensors
  • Side change recognition
  • Haptic feedback
  • Parent check light that lets you know if your child brushed correctly
  • Extra soft bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums 

Available in BabyShark for younger ones & GameBrush for kids 5+: MSRP $19.99 USD

2 fun brush heads included with purchase, choose from a purple or green brush head!  

Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest

Blume Petal Pets

The best-selling Blume dolls now have pets! With Petal Pets, each colorful flower magically blumes to reveal a collectible charm bracelet and pet hiding inside! There are 12 pets in all to unbox, including kitties, puppies, dragons, lions, elephants, and even unicorns. Your Petal Pet’s outrageous hairstyle and unique charm design connect to a magical place within the World of Blume: Sea, Sky, Gem, Sweet, Flower and Fire.

Blind pack includes a surprise pet and charm, watering can,
stickers and collector map.
Ages 3+, SRP $7.99. Available in August at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Christmas Gift Guide For The Littlest

Cutetitos Babitos Series 3 Candy

Babitos are SWEET in an all-new Candy Series! Cutetitos Babitos Series 3 are adorable baby stuffed animals wrapped in a mini candy-colored blanket and stuffed inside a shell that looks like candy! These furry baby friends are just waiting to be unrolled and discovered. Each Babito comes in a blue or pink diaper for a fun gender-reveal surprise– will you unroll a boy or a girl?


Chocolate Pen

Write, draw and create in delicious chocolate with the better-than-ever Chocolate Pen! New kid-friendly design automatically loads the pen with chocolate while the warming tray keep your chocolate candy melted and ready to go. At the touch of a button you can write words, draw one-of-a-kind designs, or use the 40 molds to make rainbows, hearts and other fun
shapes, including bonus molds inspired by Blume Dolls.

Ages 6+, SRP $29.99. Refills $7.99. Available at Walmart, Target and Amazon


FailFix offers a relatable and lighthearted outlook on fashion with a transformative concept that brings freshness to the doll aisle. It allows kids to take over the makeover and explore a true head-to-toe transformation, turning them into style saviors. The metamorphosis begins with a robe reveal of the doll’s outfit debut, and then a magic spa mask is applied to unveil a perfectly polished makeup look. Finally, the makeover is completed by removing the accessories stuck in the doll’s hair and using the included tools to style it into an elaborate braid or other up do.

From style, skin tone and body type, to hair and makeup, diversity is celebrated, allowing kids to find a doll that looks or dresses like them. Available on Amazon,Target, Walmart and all major retailers.

Tonie Starter Set

kids can enjoy hours of audio adventures with tonies®, an intuitive speaker system that has no screens or complicated controls. The innovative Tonie box speaker makes a fun and interactive gift for children, playing the songs and stories available on the different Tonie figurines.

Little ones can get festive with Christmas classics, play Disney favorites and even get exclusive stories. All tonies content is managed through a secure cloud-based system via the app and website. The tonies app enables parents to easily adjust Toniebox settings like maximum volume, access rights and privileges within seconds, so that they are always in control.

The stylish Toniebox cube comes in six chic colors – red, blue, gray, pink, green and purple. All Tonie figurines are hand-painted, with each character relating to their specific story or song – the characters are the perfect stocking fillers for kids to collect with an RRP of between $11.99 & $14.99. The Retail price of a Tonie Box starter Set is $99.99 and can be purchased through their website.

Squeakee The Balloon Dog

Squeakee is an interactive pet that’s part robot dog, part balloon dog and 100% your new best friend. Bursting with personality, Squeakee has more than 60 sounds and movements, barking, sitting and scooting just like a real dog. He even “pees” on the floor via a yellow light.

Squeakee is the most popular pup to unwrap this year and serves up laughs and hours of play for both kids and parents. Available on Amazon, Target,
Walmart and all major retailers.

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