Creative Gift Ideas For The Kids

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Nothing compares to the joy and excitement on the kids’ faces on Christmas morning as they ran to the tree in search of those special gifts with their names. We (parents) always go the extra mile to get what we can for our little ones. It’s not always easy but certainly, our wallet doesn’t have to suffer.

Here are some budget-friendly and creative gift ideas for the kids.

Ryan’s World Smashin’ Surprise Safes

Crack open the fun with the Ryan’s World Smashin’ Surprise Safes. Each pack includes 5 surprise-filled safes and a sledgehammer. Kids can use the sledgehammer to smash each safe and reveal over 30 possible cool Ryan’s World-inspired surprises, such as a Ryan figure, tattoo stickers, Red Titan light-up ring, slime, and more! Surprises will vary, but no two packages feature the same surprise assortment. The surprise and excitement of Ryan’s World is never-ending with the new line of Ryan’s World Toys.

Bring home the Ryan’s World Smashin’ Surprise Safes and the rest of Ryan’s World Toys, inspired by Ryan ToysReview, and let your little fan bring their own creativity to life! Ages 3+

Dani is a big fan of this kid and she really hopes to get some safes under the Christmas tree.

Creative Gift Ideas For The Kids

T.O.T.S. Surprise Nursery Babies

From Disney Junior, it’s T.O.T.S., the Tiny Ones Transport Service where it’s another great day for delivery! The irresistibly cute baby animals are loved and cared for in the Nursery Headquarters until they’re ready to be delivered to their forever homes. Now kids can bring the adorable baby animals home with the T.O.T.S. Surprise Nursery Babies! Simply peel, open and reveal! Each fuzzy figure comes hidden in a baby delivery capsule and includes 6 additional accessory surprises inside to take care of your cutest lil’ baby!

The bottom of the baby delivery capsule even doubles as a play bath. Just fill the bath with icy cold water for bath time and watch as each baby’s diaper changes to a different color! The adorable factor is off the charts! The T.O.T.S. Surprise Nursery Babies include 1 fuzzy baby animal figure and 6 play accessories. Each Surprise Nursery Baby makes a perfect addition to the T.O.T.S Surprise Babies Nursery Care Set and T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset! Which Baby Will You Get? Each figure sold separately. Ages 3+


PlayMonster is challenging families to play this ooey-gooey game of fun and NOT to have a total #MeltdownMoment! A top the tower you’ll place the squishy goop—roll it, smash it, just place it however you want, then set the balancing platform on top of that! Take turns stacking cool, slippery cubes on top…but be careful…between the goop and slippery platform, it’s always shifting! Pile it on until there’s a… MELTDOWN! If there’s a MELTDOWN you have to take the fallen cubes, and that’s dangerous because the goal is to get RID of your cubes!

Creative Gift Ideas For The Kids


Kids, friends and loved ones will go absolutely wild over all our Squishmallows characters; our seasonal holiday and Halloween Squishmallows are especially engaging (attached are press releases for each).  The super-soft characters make the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for under $5, $10, $15 and $20 (depending on the size).

Creative Gift Ideas For The Kids

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  1. Thanks for sharing some great gifts for the little ones I’m a last minute shopper on my way to the stores hopefully I can find some of the cool toys you shared Have a great Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas ,We love all the Squishmallows we first saw them on your blog like a year ago my daughter loves collecting them I did buy her some for Christmas 🎄 thanks for sharing

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