Holiday Traditions | It’s Starting to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

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This post was made possible thanks to my friends at Voortman Bakery. I was provided with the products to facilitate this review.

This week I received a call from my mom telling me that some of our family members are already starting to fly in for the holidays … What!. It is crazy to think that November is here and the holiday celebrations are about to start. My birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are just a couple of weeks away. 

Why Holiday Traditions are Important

Holiday traditions are important because they bring a sense of familiarity and comfort to individuals and families. They also provide an opportunity for people to connect with their cultural or religious roots and pass down those traditions to future generations. Additionally, holiday traditions often involve spending quality time with loved ones and creating cherished memories.

We are a big family and most of us don’t live around the corner from each other so, some family members have to travel long distances to come and spend a little time together either before or after the holidays as their job permits. And since this is the sweetest time of the year I always like to stock up on Voortman Bakery Cookies.

Holiday Traditions

How We Keep Traditions Alive.

Something we always do during this season and has become our little family tradition and I try to keep up with it, is decorating our cookies at home. It would be easier to go to the store and get them ready but, this is the time I have to spend quality time with my kids as well.

The perfect time to teach them about sharing love with sweet actions and to giving without expecting anything in return. That’s how we built a strong family unit.  As you can see Daniela gets pretty excited for this tradition. I used to do it with my son too but he is a teenager now… if you know what I mean by that… 🙁  #thestruggleisreal. 

Holiday Traditions

Gifting Away

We decorate our wafer cookies to take to church, to gift to family or even to leave a platter at our dinner table. They are the perfect afternoon snack. Voortman cookies wafer are so delicious we can’t stop eating them… lol 

Voortman Cookies is a great choice because they use high-quality ingredients, have a wide variety of flavors, and are committed to producing delicious and wholesome cookies. Plus, their cookies are free from artificial colors and flavors, making them a healthier option.

The only problem with decorating with Dani is that it’s impossible to stop her from eating them…., Hey! but I can’t blame her.

A beautiful and delicious platter for home-decorated cookies will always look perfect on your table or a platter to giveaway when you are visiting family or friends is also a great idea.

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You can now enjoy the most delicious flavors of the season with Voortman Cookies from Snickerdoodle, chocolate mint, and vanilla shortbread to gingerbread. Find Voortman Bakery cookies at Walmart, Target, Stop N Shop, Key Foods, Shoprite, And more retailers across the country.


Never heard about Voortman Bakery before? No problem, You can learn more by visiting the company’s website online. 

Holiday Traditions

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  1. With Christmas around the corner this looks good the little and big kids(husband) lol will enjoy 😊 Happy holidays thanks for sharing

  2. Wow 😳 time flies I remember this post from last year my kids actually decorated Voortman cookies and they left for Santa 🎅 we are still enjoying this brand and of course your Blog thanks for all you do

  3. Dani is too cute! My kids would try to sneak a bite too. We made cookies last night but I haven’t tried decorating any with them yet. Have a great holiday!

  4. So happy your daughter is (about to eat the cookies) we love the cookies I got them for the recipe you shared for the cheese cake everyone love the taste now I keep buying voortman cookies we are hooked

  5. This is why I’m always coming back to your blog your reviews are just beautiful your daughter is always helping and that’s awesome if your family can’t stop eating the cookies they must be yummy 😋 it’s on our shopping list thank you for sharing

  6. Good morning I never had voortman cookies will be buying some soon after reading this review And all the positive comments thanks for sharing

  7. I Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time I really 😍this family blog always sharing the best things

  8. The decorations on the cookies is a great idea for the holidays they look delicious 😋 and also love the no bake cheese cake recipe you shared with voortman cookies I will be giving the cookies out as gifts to some of my co workers

  9. Was just on there website I didn’t realize that voortman cookies were sold at Walmart and target I will definitely try them love that they use all natural ingredients thanks for sharing this wonderful company

  10. Love ❤️ how adorable Dani always is I can’t blame her I have voortman cookies and it’s the same in our house ( they all eat them up so fast ) happy birthday happy thanksgiving and enjoy the holidays with your family

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