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I have had trouble with teeth clenching since last year. I always grind & clench my teeth a little, but it gets worse during periods of stress.  These days I wake up more tired than usual with jaw pain & headache, and experience jaw tension throughout the day and night.  For me, I think it’s a combination of stress & concern for my kids not being able to attend school normally & how that will affect them.  I think we are all more stressed than usual these days, I just happen to take it out on my teeth and jaw : /

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If you aren’t familiar, many people grind their teeth at night due to lots of factors, many having to do with their personality (nervous or anxious) and situational issues (stress) — all me!! It’s estimated that 10-15% of the population actually grind/clench their teeth at night but may not be aware they are doing it.  

Some common symptoms are:

  • Painful, cracked or worn teeth
  • Sensitive teeth & increased susceptibility to cavities
  • Facial pain, tense jaw
  • Headaches & earaches
  • Sleep disturbance 
How A Custom Night Guard Helped Me

For me, it’s the sleepy headaches in the morning along with jaw pain and popping. It’s a cycle – I don’t sleep well, so I handle stress more poorly and on and on.  

In my case, luckily my teeth have not been terribly affected yet, but my dentist has told me that if I continue at this rate, they will begin to wear.  Once the enamel is worn, it is impossible to bring it back. Scary!

I knew I had to do something to improve my quality of life and save my teeth but I needed an affordable option. Unfortunately, the custom (fitted to your teeth) guards that you can get from the dentist are very expensive, sometimes even over $1,000.  I just can’t afford it. But I learned that it is possible to make the same type of guard without the extra expense of the office visit to the dentist.  I was so happy when I found Smile Brilliant’s easy & affordable custom night guard system! You just order whichever package suits you & it is delivered to you within days. It’s literally a fraction of the cost of a dentist’s night guards and EXACTLY the same!

How A Custom Night Guard Helped Me


I’ll keep this short, but some of you are probably wondering how this works!

  1. You receive a kit in the mail that contains the materials you need to take an impression of your teeth.
  2. You follow the instructions and take an impression of your teeth, upper or lower, whichever night guard you prefer.
  3. Drop it in the included postage-paid envelope & you’re done!
  4. Smile Brilliant’s lab technicians use the impression of your teeth to create a custom night guard
  5. Your night guard(s) will arrive to you in just a week or so!
How A Custom Night Guard Helped Me


I’ve been using the Smile Brilliant night guard, for almost two weeks now & I am sleeping so much better already! I’m no longer experiencing uncomfortable headaches or issues with my jaw, so I’m feeling rested and already less stressed! 

The guard is comfortable & wearable. And I was surprised that I woke up with it in my mouth just where it is supposed to be! (I was really worried about it falling out)  So I’ll definitely keep wearing it to protect my teeth! I hope that I am able to get the grinding/clenching under control, but if it continues & I wear through it. I’ll definitely take advantage of the lifetime reorder process – that’s right! – Smile Brilliant will keep your night guard mold in case you ever need to create a new night guard!  

Custom Night Guard

I’m so happy I found an affordable alternative to the dentist that can protect my teeth from damage & help me feel better.  I hope this article will help some of you!

If you are ready to place your order use code FTLT20 for 20% off now. Click here to order

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Custom Night by Smile Brilliant

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