How To Help Your Favorite Accessories Last Longer

How To Help Your Favorite Accessories Last Longer post thumbnail image

Do you have any accessories in your closet that you would hate to lose? If so, you
might want to know how you can care for them to keep them in good quality. Keep
reading to learn how to help your favorite accessories last longer.

Clean Your Accessories as Necessary

You probably have a wide variety of accessories in your closet, each with unique
cleaning instructions. To get the best cleaning instructions for each, check any tags on
your products or navigate to the manufacturer’s website. You can clean most
accessories with a gentle cloth and cleaning solution or water, but always check first.
And while it may be tempting, try not to clean your accessories too frequently.

Too many cleaning products and too much scrubbing could do more damage than good.

Make Repairs While They’re Small

You may occasionally notice small bits of damage, pulled threads, or loose
embellishments on your accessories. Try to repair these as soon as you notice them to
avoid the damage worsening and becoming more noticeable.

For example, when caring for an embellished headband, you may need to sew the occasional bead or gem back into the fabric. If you wait too long to sew embellishments back into place, the bead or gem could fall off entirely. A missing gemstone will be much more noticeable than a small stitch. So, if you notice small damage like this in your accessories, repair them or take them to an expert before the damage becomes larger, more noticeable issues.

help your favorite accessories last longer

Take Off Your Accessories Before Doing Chores

One more quick tip to help preserve your various accessories is to remove them before
doing chores around the house or outside. When completing chores such as cleaning,
doing dishes, or preparing food, remember to remove your accessories first, especially
those on your hands. Chemicals in cleaning supplies, water exposure, and heat from
ovens or ranges can damage your jewelry and other accessories. Even working up a
sweat from doing chores can cause your accessories to stain or fade. Remove them
first to be safe. However, if you like wearing headbands to keep your hair out of your
face while working, use an old headband or one you wouldn’t mind taking some wear
and tear.

These are some of the best tips to help your accessories last longer so you can
wear them for years to come. Remember to care for your accessories, but don’t be
afraid to wear them either. You should get use out of the things you love, and you
should enjoy yourself each time you wear them.

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