How To Save Money With A Teenager At Home

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As moms, we all know that having kids require special skills that only moms know how to use them. This special ability will get better with time after spending countless sleepless nights and keep going like we had a great night, rushing to morning school days when everyone oversleeps and made it on time to school drop off (that is a WIN!!, for real). We also have the great ability to save money and keep our family on track with our finances.

I honestly thought that we only had to keep my finances on the look-up just until the kids were out of the baby stage you know diapers, baby food, extra baby clothes, etc. But now with a teen at home, I know for a fact that they can make us spend more than we did when they were little.

So, to keep myself on budget even with a teen home first and most important task is to teach this young adult the importance of a penny. Allow your teen or pre-teen to be actively involved in saving and planning for any family event.

How To Save Money With A Teenager At Home

Let’s start saving on our grocery shopping list.

I literally, just watched my 16-year-old son eat an entire pound of blackberries just for this afternoon snack. For dinner, we will go through 2 two pounds of rice (yes, we love rice but mostly my son), a pound of mixed vegetables, and beans (made either in soup or as a complement next to the rice). And I bet my hubs and son will be hungry again before bed, no doubt.

Compare unit prices. This we got it so easily. Here in New York, we get deliveries every week (Wednesdays to exact) the closest market weekly circular. The best way for you to find the best price on items you regularly use and give you time to cut or clip your coupons.

Shop with a grocery list. This point is key, in order to stay within budget, write down your grocery list and don’t overbuy. It is not on the list you do not need it.

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Meal planHaving a meal plan is crucial to start staying on budget. So every week or depending on how you do your shopping, take some time to plan what you are going to need so you don’t end up with a lot of extra items. But first …

Shop your own pantry. This part is something we easily overlooked. Take a look at what you already have in your pantry. You’ve already spent the money so, why not!. You might as well use the food you’ve already got on hand.

Stock up on frequently purchased items when they are on sale. Key point!. If you find a product that you often use on sale, That is a great opportunity to stock up.

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Buy generic and skip the name brands. Something else we all should know by now is that generics are made in the same factory as popular named brands. Buying generics is a crazy easy way to save yourself some money.

Top and bottom shelves at the grocery store tend to have the cheapest products. Did you know that the middle shelves are where grocery stores stock the more expensive items? Check the top and bottom shelves for the best prices.

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