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This post was made possible by my friends at NewAir. I acquired a complimentary product to facilitate my overview, although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Summer is full of hot days, full of sweaty kids, and full of sugary drinks. We need to keep these crazy kids happy right! (no judgment please). Water bottles are always available but, for the little one it is always hard to get the bottle open. On the other hand, my older son drinks more than 5 bottles of water per day… puff! That is why this Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser by NewAir is perfect for us.

Our NEW Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser by NewAir

This week we started using our new water dispenser to see how much we can start saving and of course, as a way to start cutting our carbon footprint and start helping the environment.

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About Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser

Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser is constructed with certified BPA-free materials for pure, clean drinking water at the touch of a button. BPA-free parts mean your drinking water is safe to enjoy as often as you like. 

Hot and Cold Water, Instantly

With two push-button taps, the Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser gives you hot and cold water on demand. Cold water is kept between 41 and 50 degrees for total refreshment, while hot water quickly warms to 185 to 203 degrees for the perfect cup of tea. 

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Smart Safety Features

Because the water heater is so fast and effective, Magic Chef has included a child safety lock on the hot tap, making this dispenser perfect for family kitchens. It’s also ETL-certified so the entire family can use it worry-free. 

Magic Chef Top Loading

Top Loading, Easy-Fill Water Tank

This Top Loading Water Dispenser in Stainless Steel holds a full 5-gallon water bottle; making it ideal for offices and homes. The smart design lets you see exactly when it needs to be refilled.  

You can visit Newair for more information and of course order your next Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser, Hot and Cold Water now…

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15 thoughts on “Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser by NewAir”

  1. Thinking about buying this for my Dad for Christmas it will be a wonderful Gift it will make having his hot tea so much easier thanks for sharing

  2. Good morning cool 😎 blog saw this on Twitter I think having a water dispenser is so much better than tap water, great for drinking and cooking

  3. Think 🤔 my kids would enjoy getting the water themselves like your daughter is and so much healthier than soda and other drinks with sugar going to check out the magic chef website

  4. I always look for products that are good for our environment and this will definitely make a big difference and it will also will look awesome in my kitchen 😍

  5. what a affordable machine this is we had in the past but we rented will be buying one for our office

  6. My teenage daughters only drinks water like 10 bottles a day and it’s extremely costly this dispenser is a must for our house and will save us so much in the long run

  7. Why didn’t I think of this sooner all the money we spent on bottled water is crazy and we can pick up the 5 gallon water at Home Depot it will last lots longer will be buying today thanks for the great idea

  8. This is exactly what I need I like that my kids can go and get them self a drink from the dispenser as much as they like and water is the best for hot summer days thanks for this awesome blog 💕

  9. Not only is the water better for everyone to drink instead of drinks with sugar the machine looks great 👍

  10. My refrigerator has so much bottled water I would benefit from the dispenser I can use the extra space for more food we have a big family And we all drink water so this will be in my kitchen soon

  11. We actually got the magic chef air fryer that you had a post for our family loves 😍 it looks like we will have another wonderful product 💦 from this company thanks again for sharing

  12. The MAGIC CHEF water Dispenser is something I want ,I was just on there website thinking of buying one the hot water will be wonderful for me making oatmeal and coffee in the morning will save lots of time

  13. Nothing better than fresh ice cold water it’s a good idea to have this for everyone in house my kids are always opening bottles of water and other drinks and never finish such a waste this will help me save money and love your daughters Disney cup

  14. We had a water dispenser a long time ago we really like this one because of the child safety lock for the hot water will be looking into this brand thanks for sharing

  15. Our family is definitely going to get this we spend so much money on cases of water and I’m drinking way to much soda this will be perfect and hot water so easy to enjoy my hot tea thanks for this recommendation

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