Making Better Choices With Nestlé Pure Life+

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This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Pure Life®+ but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Life is hectic, now more than ever! With the kids home 24/7 I’m set for them to learn by example and that is something I am not confident about. Now we (moms) are all busy most of the day (if not the entire day). We are Making Better Choices With Nestlé Pure Life+.

Making Better Choices With Nestlé Pure Life+

It was time to start making better choices With Nestlé. To be completely honest, ever since the Stay At Home order here in NYC my schedule was thrown out the window and I was more worried to keep everyone fed and happy at home all the time that I totally forgot about myself.

Making Better Choices With Nestlé

Get Yourself Moving But Keep Hydrated

My mini-exercise routine didn’t include any water intake and that didn’t help with my water drinking habit. I totally forgot about that for almost a month, and I started to feel down and extra tired.

It was when I reflected on my “new routine” and noticed that I was not drinking water during the day. But only running around the house cleaning, picking up toys, doing laundry every day, cooking extra-large meals, homeschooling, and at night (after 9 pm or 10 pm) sitting down to catch up on work. My body was giving up and I was not realizing it.

Making Better Choices With Nestlé

Thinking About ME and the Family

With the kids home I was all set to teach by example, so I had to think about what I am doing and start fresh from scratch. For me not exercising was normal since I was always running back and forth but I needed to add water to my day. And that was a habit I shouldn’t have stopped.

Everyone should be choosing water more often. A simple tip I used for us at home was to add a flavor boost! Adding fresh oranges, strawberries, or any fruit of their choice to water along with crushed ice for a refreshing drink free of added sugar.

It is important to drink water throughout the day, especially during hot weather or when sweating while exercising.

Making Better Choices With Nestlé

Making The Right Choices

These days online ordering and deliveries are our best alternative (I’m still getting used to grocery shopping only). This is the perfect time to sign in at Walmart.Com and add Nestlé® Pure Life®+ to your cart!!

The New Nestlé Pure Life+, water beverages with 3 unique minerals. Revive Enhance with Magnesium in a tasty lemon flavor to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Protect with Zinc in fruity blackberry flavor to help maintain normal immune system functioning. And Nestlé Pure Life+ Active with Potassium in refreshing orange flavor to help maintain normal muscle function.

Nestlé Pure Life+ Revive and Protect have 35% of your daily value of Magnesium and Zinc per bottle and +Active have 15% of your daily Potassium value per bottle. Nestlé Pure Life+ will be your go-to drink to help you feel refreshed.

Making Better Choices With Nestlé

This is my way to keep hydrated. Now and I don’t have to clone myself to get through the day. Whether it’s homeschooling, working, cooking, or having a fun time with the kids; I know that this delicious beverage is an easy way to help provide my body with specific minerals and hydration.

Each Nestlé Pure Life+ has a delicious flavor and offers a different mineral to help support me during my busy days! Check them out next time you shop online at @Walmart!

Making Better Choices With Nestlé

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  3. I am going to try this product#alittlebitofeverything@_,karendennis

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