Mom-Approved Tips To Hiring A Quality Roofing Contractor

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When it comes to our family, we as parents will do anything and everything we can to protect the ones we love. Keeping a safe roof over everyone’s head. It’s a problem when you find out that your roof is leaking and it needs repair. That’s why I have put together these Mom-Approved tips for hiring a quality roofing contractor.

The Easiest Way To Start

The internet may make it easier and faster for homeowners to find a greater number of roofing contractors. However, discovering distinguished, trusting, and reliable roofing companies can be a bit more difficult than you think. 

To ensure you find the right person for the job, look for a local, owner-operated company. There are many national roofing companies pretending to be local, especially when it comes to residential metal roofing. These large companies are not owner-operated and often hire subcontractors to do their work.

These subs get paid based on performance, not by the hour, meaning that they are getting paid for a number of square feet of roofing installed. It is in their best interest on the job as fast as possible with quality often being a secondary concern. 

Owner-Operated Companies

When it comes to owner-operated companies, check to see that they are a small company. Since the owner is usually the best employee and cares the most about how the job he’s run from start to finish.

Look for contracts that really specialize in a particular roofing material that you are interested in. As well as approved by the manufacturer to install the particular product. Avoid companies that say that we can ‘do it all’ because you want them to be specific on the jobs they can produce. 


When you look at their contractors’ websites, look for large pictures and details of any recent jobs they have completed. If there are any pictures that also explain the projects, make sure that it has been completed by this particular contractor. There can be a few contractors who scam pictures by just getting a few stock ones or steal really good-looking ones from another to portray that it is their own work. Look for watermarks too to let them know that it is their own work. Another idea is to look for videos as well. Finding videos is another great way to showcase their work as well as educate you on techniques that you want to work with in the future

Make A List And Narrow It Down.

Be sure to find 3-5 companies you feel comfortable working with, contact them, and request as many references for jobs in the area as they can provide. Ask them for both recently completed jobs and one that are a few years old. Look up their references and talk with them about their level of satisfaction with the contractor and whether the job was done on time and professionally.

If you are able to drive out to any of the homes to look at their work, try and do so. You are investing a lot of money into your roof. So it’s worth it to take the time to do thorough reference checks if you want the same amount on your own.

 hiring a quality roofing contractor
Image: Peter’s Roofing

Mom-Approved For Hiring A Quality Roofing Contractor

A Mom approved company in the Georgia area is one that has many check marks on our mental checklist.  This company is called Peter’s Roofing Company . They provide a one of a kind convenience by working with their customers every step of the way. From filing the claim to ultimately installing the roof, they have seen it all and want to help with it all. They facilitate their clients saving the most money possible when it comes to working with their insurance companies. The friendly staff also has a variety of services that they provide for your roofing needs; including gutter, chimney, attic fan, shingles, and more. If you are thinking that the roof is something that should be looked at by a professional; they come highly recommended as Newark NJ roofing repair company to call. 

What are your tips for finding a great roofing company in your local area? Are there any tips or tricks you or your neighbors have done that I haven’t mentioned? I’ve love to learn more about your stories in the comments below. If you’re in the market for a new roof do as much research as you can. Feel comfortable about your choice. Keep a positive mind when hiring them to give you the roof you and your family deserve. 

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 hiring a quality roofing contractor

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