MOM BOD, A Gift Of Motherhood- Go Ahead, Embrace it

MOM BOD, A Gift Of Motherhood- Go Ahead, Embrace it post thumbnail image

It is getting a little cold for a swimsuit but the essence of this is what sticks. I learned a valuable lesson today from this – and it’s not just body image especially our Mom Body image.

All Moms Need a Body-positive Mindset:

So here is my pledge:

Besides motherhood, I have many other roles too. I am a partner, lover, friend, daughter, granddaughter, student, employee, cook, baker, craft nut, and oh so many other things. My Mom Body size and shape have nothing to do with the memories I create with those around me, and neither does their shape or size. 

I Cherish My Current Mom Bod:

Realizing that it is my body that has produced my precious sweet little darling baby, I am now coming to terms with it. I am no more obsessed with the idea of having a complete stranger body and going back to pre-baby –shape. I understand that this current MOM body needs a lot of work, as it needed before I became Mom. Accepting “Change” and understanding that it is not at all necessary to have the same pre-motherhood Mom Bod  I am now adopting new requirements according to change in role. I pledge to keep myself fit and healthier and I have resumed my yoga classes and workout sessions. 

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Proud of Body’s strengths:

Why don’t women celebrate their Mom bods like their counterparts do as they are considered hot even after having a sloppy body? Remember the recent internet hype of Dad Bod when a college student, Mackenzie Pearson wrote an article titled “Why girls love the Dad Bods?” She described Dad Bod as saying” I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time”.

Here comes the million-dollar question: Why a man having Dad Bod, with an extra little chunk on the trunk is still a thing to be proud of whereas women are not allowed to have Mom dad? The answer is quite simple. It is we women who are ashamed of projecting our bodies in bikinis and swimsuits after childbirth. 

The Lesson to be Learned from Dad Bod:

That is one lesson we should learn from Dad Bod. Putting it in simple words it goes like this” Confidence matters more than looks”. And where does this confidence come from? Having a look at the capabilities of women’s body restore that lost confidence and give the missing self-pride.

Think about the long list of problems a female body endures during pregnancy; nausea, headaches, pains, heartburns, constipation, thrush, and above all those terrible labor pains. The enormous capability of women’s body to bear is superb. Count your strengths and every phase of your motherhood including your Mom Bod. 

MOM body

This self-belief is what today’s woman desperately needs. I feel so happy and proud of the women who in pregnancy, attend their best friend’s wedding and even become bridesmaid wearing maternity bridesmaid dresses, some of which are really stunning and the trendiest.

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Wrap up:

No more postpartum depression and over-obsessed concern for returning to the pre-baby silhouette. Acceptance to change and embracing Mom Bod gracefully and celebrating it is normal behavior that every Mom should acquire as soon as possible after childbirth. So, my message is “Get stronger not skinner”.

MOM body

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  1. There’s a really great article by Julia Baird about embracing your body as it’s how you move through the world (and how you dance…) Nice post! #FriendshipFriday

  2. We just got married and we are considering and hopefully we will have our first child within the next couple of years this article really helps me feel better very happy to see this on your blog

  3. So true we should not worry so much about how we will look i was just checking out the dresses so many great looking ones and the prices are also good i will need one for my sisters wedding happy to see this Thanks

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