My Inappropriate Aunt

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Don’t tell me that you don’t have that inappropriate person in your life. 

But let’s back up a little and let me tell you what has happened here with us.

I haven’t talk much about my life lately. It has been a crazy month here at home while trying to adjust to this new life has not being easy.

To recap; Last month I we took the decision to leave my job and now I’m back to be a SAHM 24/7. That means going back to focus on the blog, to start working from home (well, that is if I can find something that I can start right away) guys, this is not easy and that is causing me anxiety.

I’m use to work and be on the moved all the time. This slowing down time has been so hard to get used to and my lost of income (even though, mine wasn’t as much.. it made me felt that I contributed with something) makes me feel like not myself.

That is when the Inappropriate aunt comes in play. (look, this person doesn’t even necessary needs to be your aunt of even family related. This can be your friend or a friend of a friend.. who knows.) This inappropriate person that approach you or give you their opinion as of why I shouldn’t be home and continue with a job that I wasn’t happy with and I was barely making any money out of.

Like, me being at home with my kids is causing her/him any problem.

Like, me having a degree makes me not worthy of being a SHAM…

“I AM LOSING MY TIME AT HOME”  she/he said – 

What!!!!? No, I’m having the time I didn’t have before to spend with my family and give them; a mom like I wasn’t able to be before.   


No, I did work for 12 years on my career and now is the best time to be with my family. My kids need me and I’ll be there. A babysitter will never take care of them Like I will. 

I can have all the money to share with them but money is nothing at the end of the day if I don’t have a strong and healthy family circle. 

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Besides, is non of anybody’s business whether I stay home or work for my fricking entire life; as long I’m in the same page with my partner.

Like I mention, we both agree to it (my husband and me, the only 2 that are involved here). He supports my decision to stop working and be home for the sake of the all of us.

My decision should not affect anybody if you are not directly involved. As much as I can love you and care for you. I have my path in life to walk, the decisions I take right now are only for my family and their benefit. That’s it.

You choose to point your finger at me instead to offer a helping hand. That was your choice …. Mine is taking care of my family. 


Do you have an inappropriate aunt in your life?

Have you ever received any unsolicited advise? 

Are you a SAHM? How do you deal with the quiet time? 

Shine some light to this sista!! 

5 thoughts on “My Inappropriate Aunt”

  1. I have my brother but I took care of that, I haven’t talked to him for seven years. Need to get rid the negative in my life. #Alittlebitofeverything.

  2. Happy I saw this on Twitter us stay at home moms aren’t alone and we need to be appreciated for our work we are 24/7 some people don’t realize that thanks for sharing

  3. surround yourself with the people that care for you not with the ones telling you that what did you go to school for i had a family member tell me why I’m home and i said thats my business and i said nothing else its ok to be SAHM

  4. So well said don’t let anyone tell you what you should do life is only once and you should definitely be happy 😃 that’s the most important thing in life thanks for sharing

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