Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones.

Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones. post thumbnail image

This is not a sponsored post. I acquired a complimentary products from some of these brands to facilitate my overview.

With back-to-school looming, you’re due for a laugh, and the Club Petz Family is here to make you chuckle all day long! From Spitzy to Bim Bam and Bam Bam, these cheeky pals can do more than just cuddle. Read below to find out about all their goofy tricks! 

Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones.

Spitzy The Llama:

Have you felt the Llama craze lately? Meet Spitzy the Club Petz Llama. He isn’t the most refined party guest… with burps and funny noises, Spitzy spits water too! You and your besties are sure to have a laugh with Spitzy around! 

Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones.

BimBam The Squirrel and BamBam The Hamster:

For when you need a break from homework…these two will have you rolling on the floor laughing right along with them! Two peas in a pod… this silly pair is just what you need! 

Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones.

Pound Puppies

• The original Pound Puppies are back with new authentic reproductions that look and
feel just like everyone remembers!
• Ready to be adopted and loved, there are a variety of puppies to choose from, with
different facial and eye expressions, ear lengths and fur colors in an updated soft
• Each comes in a pet-carrier shaped package and includes a care sheet and official
adoption papers
• Ages 3+, SRP $19.99

Disney Junior Minnie Walk & Dance Unicorn Feature Plush

• Fans of Disney Junior’s Minnie Mouse will love dancing and singing along with her and
• Minnie wears her pink polka dot dress with rainbow belt & rainbow bow and sings the
“Giddy Up Penelope” song from the show.
• Press Minnie’s hand to see Penelope dance, and attach Minnie’s hand to Penelope’s back
and watch them walk together!
• Touch Penelope’s snout and she’ll neigh and walk on her own.
• Ages 3+; SRP $39.99

Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones.

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Cry Babies is Introducing Kristal! 

We know everyone loves cuddling with their classic Cry Babies, Now with the cold weather looming IMC is back with another cutie for you the kids to love, and this one will need your full attention!

Kristal Gets Sick & Feels Better

This poor little Cry Baby isn’t feeling so well! Practice nurturing skills and nurse Kristal back to health. She might have the sniffles, develop spots, a fever or just want you to comfort her. As Kristal develops these realistic symptoms, you can check her temperature with your very own thermometer, listen to her heartbeat with an IMC certified stethoscope and more!

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  1. Thanks for the link to club Petz family they have some free activity’s for the kids to play also nice toys for Christmas

  2. I better start today not much time left until Christmas I

    will buying from your list
    thanks for making my shopping easy
    Merry Christmas to you and family

  3. I’m sure going to buy my kids some of your the things you shared , thinking I better get started on my shopping

  4. My 5 year old son will be excited to get the pound puppies 🐶 for Christmas with less than 3 months away a perfect time to start thinking about what to buy the little ones thanks for sharing

  5. Great gift ideas my daughter would love Mini Mouse with the Dance unicorn 🦄 she loves Disney so much I’ll be looking for this thanks again for sharing your wonderful ideas 😘

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