Pizza Party Time / #ItsHerBirthday #MyStopAndShop

Pizza Party Time / #ItsHerBirthday #MyStopAndShop post thumbnail image



This year has pass by so fast, fall is here and we didn’t even have time to plan anything for my little girl 3rd birthday. With working, home stuff and appointments here and there the time of the day is not enough.

But, I always have the place to find everything I need for any season celebration or for all my family gatherings.


And since I am not a big party planner, putting together a family celebration is not to hard with #MystopShop. There are two things to celebrate: first Daniela’s birthday and second, that fall is already here… (I couldn’t take any heat and humidity anymore).


I always find all I need at Stop and Shop from my daily grocery shopping to birthday cakes(btw, you can find the best cakes in here), party supplies and seasonal decorations and the best part is that they offer the best prices, so you will stay within your budget


Decorating my house for Halloween is something that we love to do and Stop and Shop has the best selection for all your Halloween party prep.


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Pumpkin season has also started in Stop and Shop and they are offering just for limited time Original Pumpkin Products like Pumpkin & Sage Ravioli, Pumpkin Greek Yogurt and Pumpkin Muffins amount others.

Ok, back to the Daniela’s pizza party, Stop and shop has great selection of frozen pizzas giving you delicious choices and great deals. But my family is a little special so I just take Pepperoni to make everyone happy.

After getting everything I need it. I was time to pay and Daniela was ready to help.




Buying everything I need in Stop and Shop is convenient, easy and it safe me time and money, and more importantly I can get everything I need without running from place to place trying to find one thing.

At the end of the day my little girl was happy with her Birthday pizza party, we celebrate Fall with a delicious Pizza/Birthday party.





The table was almost ready; I was only holding the pizza until last-minute that everyone was home and ready to eat.

Pizza Party Time / #IsHerBirthday #MyShopAndShop

Pizza Party Time / #IsHerBirthday #MyShopAndShop


Pizza Party Time / #IsHerBirthday #MyShopAndShop


September 20th is a very special day in our house. It is Daniela’s 3rd Birthday and I have to admit that I had and still have mix feelings. I am really happy remembering how much we expected this baby in our lives. But I am also sad watching her grow so fast…. I wish my babies can stay little so I will have them always with me.  🙁


Have you guys visited Stop and Shop lately?

Not yet!!!. Ok, go ahead and register here and download a $5 coupon for you next grocery shopping day. You will see all I was talking about.











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  1. Aww your daughter is such a cutie pie!

    I never heard of this place before, it may not be here in the Atlanta area. They have a lot of stuff for party decorations. #ProductReviewParty

  2. Cool pictures. Awesome party ideas. It’s been a while since we shopped at stopandshop. But yes, I know they provide a great shopping experience. Thanks for reminding. Love the expression on the little one’s face 🙂

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