This little Girl Is Growing Fast

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I can’t believe the time is going by so fast!!!!

She is 30 Months...

I can still remember when she used to party in my belly and the doctor telling me that she was going to be a very active little girl and I though she was joking.

Daniela is growing to be a very smart, talkative and active little girl. She enjoys singing and sometimes she even sing instead of talk; But, when talking she is already making full sentences, expressing her ideas clearly and secure of what she wants…

  • Daniela’s favorite question is: What are you doing?

She always ask everyone in the house, What are you doing.. Even if she know what we are doing.. lol

  • Daniela’s favorite fruit are: Grapes…. she can eat them all day long.

It does not mean that she doesn’t like other fruits; watermelon, apple, pineapple, and lime are amount other fruits she likes… yessss, LIME!!! I love lime too and I ate lots of it when I was pregnant.. I don’t know if that has something to do with her liking it so much.

  • Daniela’s favorite person is: Leonardo (her big brother)

If you ask her who she loves the most her answer will be Leo… lol

I love that, although there is a big gap (age related) between them, all she wants is to spend time with him. She invites him to play with her toys, they like to cuddle in bed and when outside…Leo is the only person she will hold hands with.  

Leo and Dani holding hands


  • Daniela’s favorite cartoons are: My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Masha and the Bear

I can’t lie, I like to watch cartoons with her too when I have the time and for that Netflix is our best friend.

  • Her favorite drink is: Water

but hey, she call everything water so we have to ask her what kind of water and then she will tell you juice water or clear water. lol

  • Daniela’s favorite movie is: FROZEN

There is not surprise here. I think every little girl in the world likes Frozen, Yes!!,  she knows ever song, every character name, and sometimes she will recite the lines from the movie. Wowwww!!!!!


Daniela is picking up both languages Spanish and English without any problem, right now she know the colors, orange, pink, red, black, brown, white, purple, green and Azul (blue), yes, that is the only color so far that she know in Spanish. Numbers, she can tell 1 to 3 in both English and Spanish. She talks to her grandparents in Spanish and makes herself very clear as she does talking to us in English.


Daniela is a very bright light in our life’s… she has brought back our faith and has reunited us as a family. The time of God is perfect and she came to us when we needed her the most…  








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3 thoughts on “This little Girl Is Growing Fast”

  1. I added my link to the link up and am here to say Hi! My little girl is 18 months old. It’s amazing how fast they grow!

  2. Awe! It’s so nice that she loves her big brother so much! My boys have a five year age gap and my youngest loves his big brother, even when big brother doesn’t always want to play with him, LOl! It’s good that she’s picking up both languages. Keep it up little one! You’re doing great! #alittlebitofeverything

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