How to Balance Remote Work and Parenting During Hard Times

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Many parents are currently navigating an entirely new “normal”: Working from home while taking care of their kids full-time. As school picks back up and many kids remain at home for remote learning, figuring out the art of balancing remote work is not easy but is not impossible either here you can find some tips that will make this new experience more manageable.

Most parents have had experience working remotely in one-off, unplanned situations. However, working at home day in and day out for the foreseeable future while also caring for (and in some cases, teaching) kids at home proves to be a major struggle without careful planning where needed and flexibility when possible. That’s why you can find here some of the best practices for working from home

Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Full-Time Parenting

Read on to learn how to create the best practices for working from home. Find better routines and habits that can help parents maintain a healthy work-life integration:

1. When possible, Keep Things Flexible

This is often easier said than done. However, when you do have the ability, consider getting creative with your work schedule to base your hours around your kids’ schedules. Giving yourself the flexibility to work differently during this time is crucial to maintaining a work-life balance. 

This can work in a variety of ways. For example, if you’re an early morning person or a night owl, or you are used to commuting a long way, consider working on projects during these times when kids are usually sleeping. Of course, there will always be vital tasks and meetings that require collaboration with your colleagues during regular work hours, but finding ways to give yourself time for small breaks during the day will help you and your kids stay on track. 

2. Establish a Kid-Free Zone

There will be times when you need to hunker down and complete work, that is why it is important to establish an area of the house where you can separate yourself from your family. 

Not only is it important for this space to be free from other people, but it also needs to be free from other distractions such as dirty laundry and other messes. Keeping the area clean and organized will keep you from wanting to disengage from work to complete other tasks.

3. Clearly Communicate With Your Family

If you have a partner who is also working from home and sharing kid duties with you, it is crucial to communicate. Setting these expectations will allow for a much smoother daily routine.

It is also important to communicate with your children if they are old enough. Set expectations for when there will be breaks in your day that you can check-in, whether it be a quick snack break, lunch, or even hourly check-ins. 

4. Utilize Special Toys and Screen Time During Work Hours

Set aside designated toys and other gadgets, as well as movies or TV shows, when you need to focus. This will give your kids something to look forward to and will allow for some distraction-free work time.

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5. Don’t Overwork

During this time, it can be easy to feel like we need to push ourselves to work extra hours. But the reality is that taking the time to unplug and reset each day is critical to success.

With schools and offices closed parents are likely to find themselves facing a to-do list that has only grown. Although many of us have now had a few months to settle into fully remote work, that does not mean keeping up with distance learning while figuring out the best way to accomplish your work has gotten any easier.

Designing a schedule that fits your needs is easier said than done, but following these tips should help stay on the right track.

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Tips for Balancing Remote Work

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By: Sheyla Scaffo, People Experience Associate & Executive Business Administrator at Bunny Studio.

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