Holiday Gift Guide for Moms: Finding the Perfect Present

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms: Finding the Perfect Present post thumbnail image

Happy Holidays, friends! Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide for Moms. Here is a short list of items that moms really like and would definitely appreciate to see under the tree this year.

We (moms) are happy with the minimum and as long as our kids are happy so are we. So I put together this very short list of items moms really love and could be used all year long (moms, be sure to leave the link open in your hubby’s phone…. Just to help them know what you really, really want for Christmas).    

The Joy of Giving: Making Mom’s Holiday Extra Special

I have always heard my husband complaining that he is not sure what to get me for Christmas (he said that is too hard to shop me … lol ) I totally think the contrary.

Take a look at this  Holiday Gift Guide for Moms.


Paloma’s Jewelry Corp. is a family own business here in NYC. 
They personally design and handcraft in-house custom jewelry for any occasion. Their collections include versatile pieces for every occasion.


Life is Good Tshirt

What can be more comfortable than wearing a T-Shirt that makes us look good and feel good.  Comfy Vibes Apparel tees are made with the best quality products from a mom to all the Moms out there. Elevate your everyday look with the ‘Life is Good’ T-shirt by Shop the 2 of Us brand. Embrace the comfort and spread positivity wherever you go. Click the link to shop now and make every day a little brighter!”


Honestly , a pair of shoes can make or ruin your day. That is why I always choose the perfect pair of running shoes.  From running errands, heading to work, after school activities, walking around at the supermarket, working at home or even working out; Adidas running shoes are always there. They are not only fashionable but also comfortable and super affordable.


Cardigans are classic, functional, and perfect when worn with almost everything in our closet.  A good cardigan will make your outfit stand-out. 


With Armitron you can reinforce that special bond that has always keep us close to mom. Consider this gift as one that will last for years to come and the best part of all is that she’ll always think of you.

See our choices are limitless yet simple and more importantly budget friendly


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  1. I’m a gym trainer and Adidas is my number one brand happy that you are sharing this awesome company with everyone I recommend this to All

  2. Why do I always wait until the last minute to shop?? I’m shopping now at adidas also love the Armstrong watches Your a great help some good gifts that won’t make me broke the coupon code is a great help thanks for making Christmas shopping so much easier also love the Armitron watches

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I really like loved by hannah and eli. And I don’t know if it’s me or not, but you could never have too many leggings. 🙂

  4. Good morning 🥰 some awesome gifts for the whole family I was clicking on alll the links you shared and the code for adidas is a big help my teenage son loves there sneakers 👟 thanks for sharing

  5. What a great gift guide you put together so many wonderful gift ideas I would love any of them hopefully my husband will buy me some I’m printing this so he can see what I want 😝

  6. What i like is the discount when i shop at the mall most stores won’t let you use the coupons for brand names like Adidas all us moms thank you Iveth for sharing this

  7. Once again my favorite family blog has some great ideas for my Christmas shopping 🛍 just ❤️ what you do and I also appreciate the discount code have a merry Christmas 🎄

  8. Oh wow I love Adidas brand I’m so happy I saw this on your Blog because of the discount I will definitely be placing a order thank you for sharing

  9. Never mind waiting for my husband to buy I’m going to buy now for me and some family members for Christmas thanks for sharing the 30% coupon code

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