Best Stocking Stuffers For This Holiday Season

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This is not a sponsored post. I acquired complimentary products from some of these brands to facilitate my overview. 

If you are a parent I know for sure you are already thinking and counting the time you have to start shopping for this year’s Christmas present for the kiddos. This shortlist

We are just starting October and you are not planning to like last year be running last minute to get something for your children (if you can find anything at this point)… Yes, that was me… Yes, I procrastinate A LOT!. That’s why this year I have to really start looking into this early… really early.

Here are some of my best Stocking Stuffers Ideas for the season:

Ryan’s World Light Ups

Nobody has more fun than Ryans World! Take a little fun everywhere you go with Ryans Worlds Light Ups!


Drop Dots Love Em’s are collectible and playful characters made with proprietary Drop Dot material and slow-rising foam that combine to allow for maximum sensory play! Love Em’s first wave will feature collectible characters including Unicorns, Llamas, Hedgehogs, Pineapples, and more.

Best Stocking Stuffers

Spiderman Puzzle Pals

With great puzzles comes great fun! With Spiderman Puzzle Pals you can build your own character eraser using the puzzle pieces inside a cool Spiderman Capsule and with 7 to collect you’re guaranteed a good time.

Best Stocking Stuffers

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Smooshy Mushy Mini Tins

We’ve got just the thing to liven up your September! Smooshy Mushy Mini Tins! Full of fun collectible surprises! 6 surprises inside and 6 to collect, what better way to keep you on your toes this fall?

Best Stocking Stuffers

Bobs Burgers Box Set

They’re funny, lovable and just what you need to spice up your back-to-school gear! The Bob’s Burgers Box Set comes with 4 fun danglers, with 6 to collect and each one with its own mystery figure inside, you’ll be keeping up with the Bob’s Burger gang all year long!

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Best Stocking Stuffers

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  1. Was looking at all the links you shared some adorable stocking-Stuffers I see they are available at Walmart thanks for the ideas love them All

  2. My daughter loves little thing she can collect the Drop Dots love EM’S is perfect can’t believe it’s almost Christmas 🎅

  3. I’m sure my kids will love 💕 your Christmas stocking stuffers,think I better start shopping now thanks for some good ideas

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