Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers Ideas For The Kids

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I love stockings and I love to give stockings during this season. For me is so much easier to fill out a stocking than to hunt for a gift that the kids wouldn’t appreciate.

I now know that kids these days love most anything candy and anything surprise bags or blind bags. So what best than invest in something they will definitely like and enjoy.

Here are some of my Top stocking stuffers’ products for kids this season:

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Disney Doorables

The perfect collectable surprise box for the kids. They are over 80 Disney Doorables to collect and when the word Disney comes in front you know is going to be good. 

Shopckins Mini Packs

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Shopkins are the ultimate adorable and collectible packaging and there’s more than 80 to find across 11 different departments. 

Smooshy Mushy Ultra

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

I know that the new addition for everyone this Smooshy Mushy Ultra has a fun glitter finish there are 8 to collect and their New bubblegum scent makes them extra special.

Pet Boutique Series 3 Squish’ums

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

All new line of slow-rise foam Squish-Ums Pet Boutique series! Each foil pack includes an adorable scented Squish’Um. Collect all 16 scented styles of pets including puppies, kittens, bunnies, and unicorns!

8. Mighty Beanz

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

These are also pretty cool collectibles these Mighty Beanz come alive! They flip, they tip, they roll and topple. Yes, basically they are Mighty unstoppable!
All the Beanz come with a character face and you can race with your friends! Get set and collect them all! 

5 Surprise Mini Brands Mystery Capsule

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

The kids enjoy the thrill of unboxing and unwrapping, peeling, and revealing 5 miniature replicas of everyone favorite household brands!

So many to collect, there are over 70 miniatures of your favorite brands to collect, including favorites like Skippy, Dove, Warheads, Dum Dums, Pez, and Kikkoman.

Disney Princess Comics 2″ Collectible Dolls

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Lovely surprise comics dolls in each box. Kids will randomly get 1 of 9 Disney doll toys in each comic book-inspired box, making each gift for them a surprise

Ryan’s World Mystery Blind Bag Figure

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Ryan’s World is one of the most popular kids and family YouTube channels on the planet! As Ryan’s World expands, so does the Mystery Figure assortment from Bonkers Toys. Featuring new versions of characters from Ryan’s videos including Power Ryan, Rocket Peck, and Robo Lexa. 12 figures in the series 7 assortment, each with their own accessory, including rare and ultra-rare versions.

This is a short list of collectibles and I hope you can find anything your little one will like. Unboxing and collectibles are always on top of the list of the little ones., so you will not go wrong with any of these choices.

These would definitely not break your wallet and the kids will have a blast opening the blind bags.

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Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers

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  1. Thanks some good picks for my son Oscar he’s into RaDZ DC and it comes with candy that’s the perfect Christmas stocking-stuffer

  2. Some awesome Christmas stocking stuffers I actually always start my shopping early I have 3 kids so I need to buy little bit at a time thanks for sharing your cool choices love 💕 them all

  3. You are absolutely right!!! when I was researching to put together this list notice very little ideas for boys. So glad you find this post helpful. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. My goodness … so many ideas … 🤔 I love to give stockings to the family as well … is so much easier than thinking in something what to get everyone in the family. 😄 The kids will go crazy with so much candy … I think I’ll go for the Squish ums … thanks for sharing .. passingly this to my friends♥️

  5. These are some great ideas and really appreciate putting in choices for boys. It’s so easy to find items for girls and it sometimes seems as though boys get left out a lot. But then again if I ever have a little girl I would think different. lol

  6. Everything is so adorable it’s the little things that make our children happy I like how you updated your website it’s so nice happy holidays to you and your family

  7. Not only great for the stocking. My Son is having his birthday party next week it makes the perfect favors all the kids will be so happy i just ordered a lot of your picks from amazon thanks for sharing

  8. My kids would like the mighty Beanz that’s my sons favorite I will order thanks for making the holidays great for our family

  9. I’m a long time fan of your blog love ❤️ it so much my daughter would like any of your stocking stuffers ideas I like that I can order from amazon thanks for sharing

  10. Thanks for sharing this some great stocking stuffers for the kids for Christmas love the great prices

  11. What a great list of stocking stuffers! I agree that kids appreciate these type of toys more. My kids are obsessed with blind bags and love opening these kind of little toys.

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