Unique Things About Living in Long Island

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Long Island may be just a short drive from New York City, but it feels like it’s worlds away. Many people dream of living and buying one of the Long Island houses for sale. They often fantasize about its fabulous sandy beaches, peaceful rural areas with vast farmlands, and even vineyards – all of which can be enjoyed away from the hustle and bustle, yet close enough to take advantage of the myriad of entertainment and attractions in the big city.

But there’s a lot more you should know about living in Long Island, including some things that make it especially unique.

Living in Long Island
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You Won’t Have to Drive to NYC to Enjoy Food from Around the World

While you might think you’d have to head into the city when you’re craving Ecuadoran, Polish, Russian, Mexican, or any type of Asian food, the reality is Long Island offers a diverse array of cuisine with everything from hidden gem cafes and burger joints to gourmet dining.  When it comes to breakfast, egg sandwiches are a staple here – you’ll find them everywhere. It seems that just about every local has a favorite like Kerber’s Farm in Huntington where theirs can be topped with everything from fresh sliced avocado to sausage or crispy bacon strips.

You Can Cheer on the Long Island Ducks and More

While Long Island may not have the Yankees, it’s home to a number of sports teams you can look forward to cheering on, including the Independent Atlantic League Long Island Ducks which play baseball at Bethpage Ballpark with the loudmouthed mascot, Quacker Jack getting the crowd going. There’s a pro team here too with Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum home to the NHL’s four-time Stanley Cup-winning New York Islanders.

It’s a Popular Wine Region

We mentioned there were vineyards, but that doesn’t mean there are just a few scattered about. Long Island enjoys the ideal climate for wine cultivation and hosts more than 90 wineries and vineyards, many of which produce nationally recognized wines. And they aren’t just for touring and wine tasting while enjoying endless views of picturesque grapevines, but special events that residents will have convenient access to like the North Fork Crush Fork Wine & Artisan Food Festival held annually in June.

You’ll Never Be Far From the Beach

Long Island is the largest island adjoining the continental U.S. at more than 118 miles in length, but as it’s just 20 miles in width. Surrounded by the Long Island Sound to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the South, no matter where you live here you’ll always be just minutes from the beach. Many locals spend their weekends sunbathing, swimming, and surfing everything from Jones Beach State Park to the remote Fire Island National Seashore.

Ghosthunting is a Popular Pursuit

Long Island draws lots of paranormal researchers as it’s said to be home to some of America’s most haunted sites. If ghosthunting is what you enjoy; then you’ll find everything from the real-life “Amityville Horror” house to the Fire Island Lighthouse, Raynham Hall, and Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Of course, if you’re not into that, those places are easy to avoid. 

A Night Out on the Town

living in Long Island, it’s easy to get to and from NYC. All you have to do is hop on the train to take advantage of the nightlife without getting behind the wheel. 

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Living in Long Island

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