A Sweet Adventure at Hershey Chocolate World, PA

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I’m excited to share our recent road trip adventure to Hershey Chocolate World in Pennsylvania. It was one of those spontaneous getaways to break free from our daily routine, and let me tell you, it turned out to be a treat-filled escapade. So, grab a cozy seat, and let me take you through our Hershey Chocolate World experience!

Hershey Chocolate World experience

Discovering the Wellness Month at Hershey Chocolate World

Believe it or not, we timed our visit perfectly because January at Hershey Chocolate World was all about wellness. They had some fantastic activities for the little ones in the family. Every Saturday and Sunday, they hosted a “Warm-Up” session for the kids. It was all about having fun and staying healthy. And at the end of it, the little munchkins got a goodie bag filled with wholesome snacks.

But here’s the twist: These activities weren’t just for the kids. The whole family could join in on a Hershey Chocolate World experience, a 1000-foot adventure. We got a map with kiss stickers to mark specific spots, and off we went on a treasure hunt. Our little explorer, Dani, did an awesome job finding all the spots, and at the end, we returned to the station to claim our prize. It was an absolute blast!

The Delicious Hershey’s Chocolate Tour

Of course, we couldn’t leave Hershey Chocolate World without taking the famous Hershey’s Chocolate Tour. And guess what? It’s absolutely free for everyone! This fun ride takes you on a journey through the entire chocolate-making process, from cocoa beans to mouthwatering chocolate treats. And the cherry on top? You get to savor a yummy chocolate sample at the end. It’s like a delicious chocolate education!

Solving the 4D Chocolate Mystery

Now, if you’re up for some interactive fun, don’t miss the 4D Chocolate Mystery Movie. You become a part of the action, helping Hershey’s Characters crack the chocolatey mystery. Our little one couldn’t contain her excitement, and our whole family had a blast solving the sweet puzzle. (It remained open until 2022, when they began construction of their newest attraction HERSHEY’S Great Candy Expedition.)

Unexpected Adventures on the Way Home

After our day of fun, it was time to head back home. But guess what? Life had a surprise waiting for us—a flat tire! Dani was tired, I was tired, and my husband was extra tired after changing the tire. It was almost 5 P.M., and night driving isn’t my favorite thing. So, we decided to stay the night.

Finding a hotel was a breeze, and we stumbled upon the Howard Johnson Inn Hershey, offering a great rate for our last-minute stay. Since it was an unplanned stop, we didn’t need anything fancy. The lady at the front desk was super nice and made sure we got the best price for the night.

The hotel’s location was perfect, close to the Tanger Outlet mall, restaurants, and all the Hershey’s attractions, including ZooAmerica. While it met our needs, we couldn’t help but notice that the hotel could use some updates, especially in terms of handicap-accessible rooms.

Guest room at the Howard Johnson Inn Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania
Credit: Howard Johnson Inn Hershey online.

A Surprising Solution at Walmart

Our Sunday started with a mission to fix the tire, and we lucked out when we stumbled upon a Walmart. To our surprise, they offered tire repair services, which was a game-changer. Who knew Walmart did more than just oil changes? It was an unexpected twist to our adventure, and it got us back on the road with big smiles.

A Weekend Full of Surprises and Smiles

Our weekend at Hershey Chocolate World was a delightful mix of surprises and unforgettable moments. We’re finally back home, and I can’t help but think that our kids were the happiest of all. Dani had her fill of candy and a hotel stay, while Leo enjoyed his time with his grandparents—a win-win for everyone!

So, if you’re craving a sweet escape and an adventure filled with unexpected twists, don’t hesitate to visit Hershey Chocolate World. With its delicious tours, interactive experiences, and surprising moments, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your family.

Ready to embark on your sweet adventure? Plan your visit to Hershey Chocolate World today!

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  1. I have never heard of this place. Very cute. Looks like you had some fun and a nice weekend getaway.

  2. Sounds like fun and adventure rolled into one busy weekend! The town where I lived as a teenager had a Hershey plant (it’s now closed, sadly) and I loved going and watching them make chocolates. Plus you got a free sample at the end of every visit – and it smelled so deliciously like chocolate outside!

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