Zak Designs Increasing Its Commitment to the Environment

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Over the years, Zak Designs has taken many strides to be environmentally conscientious and provide its customers with products that help them lower their individual carbon footprints. Now Zak Designs is increasing its commitment to help the environment,

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Zak Designs is taking its commitment to the planet to the next level by launching the Planeterra™ line of environmentally responsible products and partnering with Leave No Trace to help spread the message about the importance of protecting nature.

Zak has worked hard to create environmentally responsible products. Products that are functional enough to meet its high standards of quality and affordable enough for everyone to enjoy.

The new Planeterra line accomplishes those goals in a dramatic way. These water bottles are made from eco-friendly plastic that breaks down in 3-5 years under traditional landfill conditions. It’s reusable, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.

Zak Increasing Its Commitment To

On Earth Day

Zak is launching the first product in the Planeterra line, the Terra Bottle.

This 18oz water bottle features a built-in carrying handle to make it easy to clip onto backpacks or sports bags.

The Leak-Proof Lids

The lid design allows water to flow freely when the sipping spout is open and doesn’t leak when it’s folded down; helping protect it from dirt and germs. They also fit in most car cup holders to keep water handy while traveling.

The Terra Bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA free and comes in four nature-inspired colors.

The brand will be donating a portion of the profit from the Planeterra products to benefit The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics . Their amazing mission is to “protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.”

Zak Increasing Its Commitment To

Together, we can all make a world of difference.

Zak Designs Planeterra French Navy & Icicle 18 oz Set of 2.

Zak Designs Increasing Its Commitment To

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  1. Great post for helping to save the planet #alittlebitofeverything@-karendennis

  2. I ordered the pair of reusable water bottles I’m always happy to see things that are better for our planet thanks for sharing

  3. This day is so important thanks for sharing this information

  4. I will be buying a Terra bottle its great for the Earth and a good way to save some money, bottled water isn’t cheap

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