4 Fun Ideas For A Kids Day Out.

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I know, I know .. Iveth there are so much more than 4 options to take the kids on a fun date but, as a mom of 2 kids with a wide age gap as my kids are (10 Years), it gets really hard to find things to do together. But I came to the conclusion that is always best to take time and spend one-on-one with the kids separately and show them your love to the max. without worrying if the other is going to get jealous.

Here are some fun ideas to take kids out on dates with Mama

So, I have my 16 years old son and I believe is super important to keep having a close relationship with our teenagers.

A Dinner Date:

Honestly, is hard to please a teenager that at this point is embarrassed and confused about everything and everyone in life (including their parents.)

So, since my son likes to eat… A LOT so why not take him to his fav place. Japanese food for him, please.

Going out to eat give us a great opportunity to talk without interruptions. It gives me the time to see how my boy is changing and the qualities and skills he is developing as a young adult.

But, I told you I have a little one too… Dani is just a spark for energy… And as she starts to change and grow into her own person I want to also be there every step of the way to support and love her.

Have a Staycation: 

I recently had our first mommy-daughter Date… Dani loves to travel and staying at hotels is something that she always asks for.

Fun Ideas For A Kids

This post was made possible thanks to my friends at Hilton Garden Inn Ridgefield Park.  I did not receive compensation; We were invited to stay in exchange for my honest opinion. Post contains Affiliate Links

So, why not and give her the best night ever .. just the two of us and have a great quality time.

This time we had the opportunity to visit Hilton Garden Inn Ridgefield Park, NJ. 

Fun Ideas For A Kids

It was only a 30 min drive from us. But, Hilton Garden Inn Ridgefield Park is a great alternative to NYC as they are 7 miles from midtown Manhattan. It was perfect for us, we wanted to go away but not too far from home (driving alone gets me a little anxious). Daniela felt that she was on vacation and was even happier when I told her we are going to do everything she wanted.

The Hilton Garden Inn Ridgefield Park has great amenities, an Indoor heated swimming pool, Whirlpool, Fitness Center, Restaurant and Room Service available, amount other great amenities but, again this trip was all about the kid so a pool was the main feature for us.

Fun Ideas For A Kids

And guess what, we got it all for ourselves!!

This newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn also has great travel packages at great prices for those coming from far. For Example:

The NYC Park, Ride, and Cruise Package.

Package includes:

*Prices include up to two adults; additional adults $50; children from 5 – 13 years old $25 plus tax round trip; children under 5 years old travel free.

Fun Ideas For A Kids
You can tell they have super comfy beds

Movie Night:  

Another fun place to take your teen is the movies… Is a dark place so nobody is going to see you mama… lol

Just kidding… taking the kid to the movies and letting them choose and pay for the tickets (I know is your money papa) is something that these young adults like as well.

Fun Ideas For A Kids
See He is happy !! LOL

Go Out For A Stroll:

Take a walk and enjoy the fresh air together, walk along the shore and get those little toes wet and play like nobody is watching. Tell me if that isn’t a perfect one-on-one time.

Fun Ideas For A Kids

Spending time with the kids is not only rewarding for them but also for you. Family is always the focus but if don’t get to know our kids individually it will be hard to build a unified family circle.

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Fun Ideas For A Kids

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post a lot. It’s very important to spend one-on-one time with each kid. I also like the Hilton chain, we stayed at Hilton Rose Hall in Jamaica earlier this year the kids (and us) had a blast.

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