5 Reasons To Visit Liberty Science Center With the Family

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With the kids out for winter break already most of us (parents) are looking for options on how to keep the kids entertained and their imagination rolling. If you are following my post for a while now you may know that for us it is not easy to find a place that can accommodate my family… With a teenager and a little girl, it is hard to find a place where both of them can feel in their element. That’s why I have put together these 5 reasons to visit LSC.

Liberty Science Center has everything I need to keep my kids happy, entertained, and most importantly they are interested in what they are learning. Yes, Learning… because you don’t need to be in school 24/7 to keep learning.

5 Reasons To Visit

5 awesome Reasons to Visit LSC with the Entire Family.

Starting on December 26th and running through New Year’s Day, Liberty Science center guests will be able to enjoy an array of activities.

1. Get some delicious home-made Ice Cream

LSC has put together a fun and very tasty show. the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream shows that is… On 12/26, 12/31, and 1/1/ at 11 am and 3 pm. Guests will be able to see ice cream created the scientific way and the best part. You all will be able to get a taste.

2. Penguin Pointers

Penguin pointers bring presenters from Jenkinson’s Aquarium and one of their resident penguins to LSC on 12/29 and 12/30 with showtimes at 11 am, 1 pm, and 2 pm.

3. Slap Shot Hockey

Here, guests ages 10 and under can shoot a hockey puck on an entirely synthetic ice rink that looks and feels just like ice. But never melts!…

4. Sherlock Homes Exhibit

In this interactive adventure, you will be transported into Sherlock Homes’ London. Explore the developments in science and technology in the 1890s.

Guest will be tasked with solving an urgent crime – an original mystery written exclusively for the exhibit. Venture through the streets of London performing scientific experiments, observing key details, chasing clues, and much more.

5 Reasons To Visit

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes will be at the Liberty Science Center through May 27, 2019. Visitors can experience this Premium exhibit with the purchase of a Combination Pass. ($29.75 for adults and $24.75 for children ages 2-12)

5 Reasons To Visit LSC
5 Reasons To Visit LSC

5. Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit

If you have a little one like me. You know their dream now is to be doctors and help their baby toys feel better … All thanks to Dod McStuffins. Here, kids can put on a doctor’s jacket, pick up a stethoscope, and perform toy check-ups.

5 Reasons To Visit LSC

The highly interactive bilingual experience (English and Spanish) will transport kids and families from LSC to Doc’s backyard clinic and the McStuffins Toy Hospital.

5 Reasons To Visit LSC

Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit will be at Liberty Science Center through January 27, 2019. Tickets cost $22.75 for adults and $18.75 for children.

See whatever the age of your kids or scientific taste; you can do all of these and even more at the Liberty Science center like:

  • Each day at noon, visitors can head to Governors Hall for a TP Blizzard. Here the floor will be covered in a flurry of toilet paper.
  • The Cookie caper lab will bring guests to an ugly sweater party. They will have to use real detective tools and techniques to find out who stole the plate of cookies from the party.
5 Reasons To Visit LSC

Oh wow! I said I was going to give you only 5 reasons to visit Liberty Science Center but I’m giving you much more. There are still so many more activities that you and your kids will enjoy.

For more information visit lsc.org

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