5 Ways You Can Give Back This Giving Tuesday

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This post was made possible thanks to my friends at  Voortman Bakery. I was provided the products to facilitate this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Do you know about Giving Tuesday? National Day of Giving encourages giving back. It takes place the first Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

After we’ve spent the weekend shopping and looking for the best deals possible, this day reminds us to give to those less fortunate. Whether we look to our favorite causes or charities. It’s a great reminder to lift others up during a generous time of year.

We all know that this holiday season will be challenging for many of us. This year the Pandemic and the Stay At Home orders (in many states) have impacted us tremendously.

Staying apart from family is also a challenge that we will be facing. For most of us, the holiday season is the only time to come together with family members that we can’t see as often as we would like. When deciding how you can safely celebrate the holidays, consider whether you or anyone in your household is at high risk for COVID-19 complications and whether you will be able to take appropriate steps to stay safe.

But, with all the craziness that was 2020, we need to be thankful for our health and the health of our family. Although we can’t be together this year we can still be grateful for the technology that has helped us come together in the distance.

Still, this is the perfect time to show support to those who need it most. Sharing some love and showing that you care is the best gift and many people will appreciate it.

Here are some ways you can join and celebrate in the spirit of the holidays this Giving Tuesday to those that need the most at this time.

1. Donate Toys for children In Need

Purchasing toys for children in need can boost their self-esteem and have a positive influence on their lives. You can donate to Toys for Tots to help their mission of providing children toys. Toys for Tots has locations in every state where toys can be dropped off for children in need.

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2. Put Together An Online Fundraiser

So we know that budgets are tight this year, we may not be able to share gifts for everyone and because of social distancing, it may not be a good idea to volunteer if someone in your household is at high risk. But you’re a sociable person with a network of friends, family, and colleagues. This is a great way to bring them together. You can be that person who motivates your social network to support a great cause!

There are so many websites that make it easy to hold an online fundraiser – simply set a goal, tell everyone why you’re fundraising, then put your network to work! 

3. Help Share A meal to the hungry

If you are unable to volunteer your time go ahead and donate cookies or other holiday treats for the staff/volunteers caring for those in need during the holidays.

5 Ways You Can Give Back

You can also have a drive-by to your family’s or friend’s homes and share some delicious treats from the safety of your vehicle. This year’s holiday edition Voortman Bakery cookies are already available and they made for the best treat to share.

5 Ways You Can Give Back

4. Give Life

Giving blood costs you nothing, generally takes less than an hour and could mean the difference between life and death for someone else. It will be perfect to keep an eye out for blood drive posters or head down to a donation center during #GivingTuesday.

5. Be kind

We have all gone through so much this year so practicing a little kindness this holiday season can go a long way. You can start by sharing extra care to your co-workers during virtual work meetings, and delivering homemade gift baskets, and dropping them off on the doorsteps of family, friends’, and neighbors’ homes. You never know what people are going through, and this is especially now. Help to spread some much-needed cheer this Giving Tuesday and during the end of this challenging year.

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5 Ways You Can Give Back

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