4 Basic Tips For Grocery Shopping On A Budget

4 Basic Tips For Grocery Shopping On A Budget post thumbnail image

Are you on a tight budget and looking for ways to save on food? Here are some simple yet awesome tips that have been helping me save and stay on a budget now that I’m home with the kids.

Smart Grocery Shopping Tips


If you can plan your weekly meals. Write everything down from A to Z (don’t skip any ingredient.). scratch over the ingredients you already have and will last you for the week. overwise put them on your shopping list.

Tips for Grocery Shopping On A Budget
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 Compare prices.

I do receive weekly mail from all the supermarkets and local grocery stores with their promotions for the following week. This helps me prepare for the coming week (putting together the meals and printing the coupons).

This is also great because it may pay you to save time to go one place straight instead of driving from one store to the next. Ask if the store honors its competitor’s coupons. Some stores do this just to keep you in the store. You can call ahead to save a trip.


Stay organized and on track with what you need and only what you need…..Keep your shopping list handy and your coupons sorted in a way that is easy for you. I do sort mine by date of expiration (if I have a lot of the same coupons) or by food type when I’m out shopping.

I keep my coupons on an expandable organizer at home but I take a little wallet-size binder with my shopping day. It is super easy to search through and match coupons with my grocery list. These expandable wallet-size coupon organizers are perfect to keep your coupons handy and organized.

Tips for Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Sign up

Sign up for your local store loyalty card. The stores will have many offers for you but only if you have their loyalty card.  Plus, some of them will give you cumulative bonus points each time you shop. If you already have a loyalty card you can also link the card with the coupons you are about to use, saving you time and money (no more paper coupons)

Also, stay on the lookout because when you combine regular coupons with sale prices, you’re saving even more. If a coupon item is not on sale and it’s not an urgent buy wait until it’s on sale.

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  1. I always make a meal plan. I also only buy certain items when they are on offer, just doing this saves a lot of money

  2. I’m always at the supermarket it’s so expensive lately your tips will help me save some cash thanks 😊 for your shopping tips love them

  3. You really should use coupons thanks to Iveth’s printable coupons I save at least 15 dollars a week on our grocery’s and personal care products it’s super fast to print thanks again for the great tips

  4. Some great ideas to help save some money on our groceries I now will plan out all our meals for the week thanks and I love your Blog its so excellent

  5. So nice of you I’m loving your money saving tips just printed coupons for the first time I’ll now have some extra money for Christmas gifts thanks for your help 🥰🥰

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