Upgrading Our Robot Vacuum to The New ILIFE A11

Upgrading Our Robot Vacuum to The New ILIFE A11 post thumbnail image

This blog post is sponsored by ILIFE but all opinions are my own.

Who would have imagined that adulting will help you find happiness in the things that you less expected? Having kids prompt to allergies and keeping the house almost spotless is a must and having the best gadgets to help you clean is a total game-changer.

I have been using the ILIFE brand for a while now with several of their products and I have shared my experience with most of them here.

Now ILIFE has their The New Robot Vaccum ILIFE A11 available on Amazon.

The New ILIFE A11

Why Choosing the New ILIFE A11 Robot vacuum will Give You so Much Freedom at Home.

The New ILIFE A11 efficiently vacuums and mops in one go. A11 can keep cleaning for up to 3 hours thanks to its 5200mAh large capacity battery. With one full charge, A11 can clean an area of 2,690 ft², which is about 4 bedrooms.

The New ILIFE A11

The Real 2-IN-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Unlike other robots that ask you to plug in the water tank to mop, A11 has a real 2-IN-1 tank that consists of a 300ml dustbin and a 200ml water tank to better serve the idea of vacuuming and mopping together. And the backup plan is a 450ml extra dustbin for you to switch.

Now Amazon has a new product promotion. You can also visit their page to get a nice discount code.

The New ILIFE A11

New Exclusive APP ILIFEVAC:

The new APP ILIFEVAC can provide better service now. Their newer version is now available. App remote control allows you to adjust suction power, customize cleaning areas, set up no-go areas and cleaning schedules, etc.

The New ILIFE A11

The app is amazing when you are not home and still want to have your house to stay fresh and clean. You are able to create these “virtual walls” and leave the are you want to the A11 to vacuum free.

With Advanced LiDAR Technology 2.0 and with the precise Slam algorithm A11 is able to scan for 360°, build a precise map, and calculate the best cleaning route.

Order Your New ILIFE A11 Today

Stop by the Ilife Robot store and get a discount code. This is only for a limited time so don’t wait any longer. You can also order from their Amazon store and still use the discount code, so there is not excuse.

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