Creative Activities For The Kids After School

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This post was made possible thanks to my friends at Nubian Heritage. I was provided the products to facilitate this review. 

As a Mom of a kindergartener, this new school year has started as a total challenge. Getting to adjust at this new calendar and getting my kid to adjust to these longer and hardest days are something we both still working on.

In order to help myself and other moms in the same situation, I put together a small get-together for first-time moms and kids from school. Getting the kids to know each other and help each other at the end of the day. Let’s say the bigger the tribe the easiest the transition gets… Right!?

Sharing some of the Activities we do at home with the kids to help them relax and slow down for a bit is the best way to give some light to other moms that are in the same situation and struggling a little.

Here are some ideas for you as well:

Board Games 

Board games and puzzles require focus and calm. Here are some simple board games that are great for younger children to have fun and unwind.

Creative Activities For The Kids

A Fun Sensory Bin

This can be a creative as your kids want. You will need:

Creative Activities For The Kids

Start by dyeing the rice, for this you will need 1/2 tsp of vinegar for every cup of rice you are going to use. Then add your food coloring or icing gel on your favorite color and shake in a Ziploc bag until your rice is colored to your liking. Let it completely dry before use otherwise your little one’s hand may get some dye too. After fully dry let your kids decorate the bin with the toys of their choice and off to play. 

Fun Squishy Balloons

You will need

  • Balloons of different sizes (and as many as you want)
  • Here you can use a variety of fillings. Like Beans, Rice, corn meal, hair gel, Epsom salt. (Most of these fillings we already have at home).

Since the balloons are different sizes, some may be easier than others to fill. You can use a paper funnel to pour. Fill the balloons with the filling of your choice just don’t overfill or the balloons might break. Tie closed.

Now it is time to have fun!

A Relaxing Bath

My daughter still gets very anxious every day when she has to go to school. I can’t blame her I’m the same way when new adventured come my way … lol 

Creative Activities For The Kids

To help her relax and breathe easily I let her enjoy a long bath with some of her favorite dolls and with the delicious bath bombs from Nubian Heritage. 

We just Fill the bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and enjoy its color and fragrance. All though these are my bath bombs I love to share them with her

Nubian Heritage Abyssian Oil & Chia Seed is made with all-natural and organic products. I know my daughter’s skin will not be harm in any way. Nubian Heritage Abyssian Oil & Chia Seed Collection is the line I have used.

Creative Activities For The Kids

Now, Dani is able to Relax as the rich, woody, floral fragrance envelops her senses while the transformed water cleanses and softens, leaving her skin with a delicate scent.

I have to thank my friends at Nubian Heritage for sponsoring this back-to-school gathering. Our invitees received a complimentary package from the Nubian Heritage Abyssian Oil & Chia Seed to enjoy at home.


Ok guys… that is all for now… what do you think of these activities? Let me know what other activities you use with your kids after school. Let me know in the comments… 


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  1. As a former early years practitionerI love all of your activities #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  2. I love this! My son started Kindergarten this year too and he is struggling with the work load. He’s never had homework before, so this is his first year with homework and the longer school schedule. I never even considered playing games with him so he can unwind a bit. I usually just let him go play with his toys (his a tinkerer) and give him plenty of snuggle time and outdoor play time.

  3. Nubian Heritage has a great deal 15% off so many self-care items I clicked on the link you shared will be buying something for the family and probably some gifts 🎁 lots of birthdays and Christmas is around the corner thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day

  4. The games are fun and a good learning experience for the children thanks for sharing

  5. I’m been loving your blog for over 3 years and this is spectacular yes Dani is adorable as always such great details in this review its one of your best just love it

  6. They have some great stuff love all the different soaps I was just on there website you shared thanks so many great things for us moms also

  7. First off your daughter is so awesome she makes this review that much better 👏will have to buy some of the Nubian heritage abyssian products

  8. Love your blog and all the great activities For the kids I personally like a relaxing bath the games look like something my daughter would like thanks for sharing

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