Dani’s Disney Princess Surprise PleyBox Unboxing / #MyPley

Dani’s Disney Princess Surprise PleyBox Unboxing  / #MyPley post thumbnail image

Whattttt,  2 months already!!!! 

Daniela got her Disney Princess Surprise Box from Pley this week and she can’t wait to see all the wonderful gift that are hidden in this box

This is Daniela’s second surprise box from Pley and let me tell you that she loved it!!! 

I am not sure if I share on the blog her first unboxing but I’m leaving the link to her YouTube video so you guys can give a look to her first unboxing and share the love. 

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Pley has partnered with Disney to bring out to our little princesses this awesome mystery subscription box.

So, every 2 months Pley puts together this surprise box featuring one of the Disney Princess. For only $24.99 you little one can enjoy tons and tons of fun toys and games from Disney.

This week Dani unboxed her 2nd Disney Princess subscription PleyBox and like the first one this was awesome. I am sharing the link to her unboxing video. 


If you are planning on giving you child their very own PleyBox or maybe you are planning on gifting one then, go ahead and click here.




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10 thoughts on “Dani’s Disney Princess Surprise PleyBox Unboxing / #MyPley”

  1. Love it Dani is so happy to open her Disney box ,everyone loves Disney in our family makes a great gift thanks for sharing the Love

  2. Looks like fun! (Though the last thing my kids need is more “stuff”!) Unboxing is so much fun. I’m actually thinking about creating a space here where we can start doing that and I can video it.

  3. How sweet is this?! And you’re little girl is so precious!! I will definitely be considering this idea for future gifts.

  4. Aww she is so cute. I love this box. I knew Disney was big on the princess experience but this is fab.

  5. That is fantastic! I have never heard of it before. My 9 1/2 year old would still love something like this. She is a princess at heart <3

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