Decluttering The House To Make Room A Dual Office

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If you’re still navigating the new normal of remote work and school life, join the club! Having a dedicated space free of clutter and other distractions is the key to productivity with the telework life, and we’re going to help you create that space. Read on for tips to declutter your home so you can create your new office space.

Finding the perfect spot

If your home isn’t already equipped with a dedicated office space, you’ll need to choose an area to convert. This will be a no-brainer for many people, especially for those with a spare room already handy. If you don’t already have an extra room to convert, start getting creative, consider a portion of your basement, or transform a playroom.

Decluttering The House To Make Room For Your New, Dual Office

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If remote work is looking like it may be a permanent option, you can join the ranks of Americans remodeling their homes to better adapt to a virtual school and work life. Real estate referral company, HomeLife conducted a third-quarter survey of over one thousand agents across the country to get a feel for trends in the housing market. More than three-quarters of agents reported home renovations and remodeling on the rise in their markets.

Consider Your Timeline

The way you tackle decluttering your prospective office space will depend on your style and the timeline you’re on. If you get overwhelmed easily and have time, schedule time slots on your calendar devoted to clearing out your space. Treat your decluttering time like a work appointment and schedule specific tasks for each time slot.

If time is of the essence, choose a weekend and devote yourself to your home office project. Make it a family affair, and you could likely complete the task in a day. And if you’re displacing a room like a play area, work together to find another space suitable for that purpose. Your decluttering task could turn into sorting through old toys and crafting items, so be prepared with boxes and garbage bags at the ready. 

Decluttering, Should It Stay or Should It Go

Once you start devoting yourself to the task of going through items to have a dedicated workspace, you’ll find that it’s easy to determine what to keep and what needs to go. Sometimes it’s the act of diving in and getting rid of a few items that makes the entire process easier. Depending on the space, you may have a closet to sort through. Even if you don’t need the closet space for your office, you should still take the time to sort and organize the items there.

Reworking Your Space

Perhaps you already have a home office, but you need to reconfigure it for both you and your partner. Start by sorting through old paperwork and shredding anything you no longer need. If you have a bookshelf in your office, sort through books and reference items you don’t or won’t use and give your partner some shelves of their own.

Perhaps the most significant decision of all will be whether you and your partner plan to share a desk or if you’ll need to outfit your office with separate work areas. If you’ve already been using the dining room table or coffee table as a workspace, then a table or small writing desk set up in your dedicated dual office area should work just fine. 

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Once you’ve cleared your office space, have fun with the design. Whether you create a visual divide with design, or you go neutral to fit both your partner and your tastes, enjoy working in your new, dedicated workspace!

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