7 Habits of Those Who Have Good Hearing Health

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Hearing loss is not something that may be on your mind every day. Brush your teeth to prevent decay? Of course. Brush and wash your hair to keep it healthy? Well, of course. But what habits can we cultivate for good hearing health? That’s why we put together these 7 Habits of those who have good hearing health.

Remember, if you damage your hearing, there is little to none that you can do to reverse it back to perfect health. Some cases may be treatable, and treatments can provide relief from tinnitus and other hearing-related conditions.

In the case of audio health, prevention is of paramount importance. There are a couple of factors to pay the necessary attention to when trying to take care of your hearing health. One of the most crucial beings, if you find that you are having issues with your hearing health, then you need to seek out a doctor as soon as you can. Early diagnosis is paramount in stagnating any progression and further deuteriation.

Take a look at these seven healthy habits to keep up a good bill of hearing health. Remember, a habit is simply something that you dedicate yourself to doing every single day.

Aside from getting regular check-ups, the following are habits to cultivate if you want to maintain good hearing health:

1 Use Earplugs for Loud Noises

According to statistics; approximately 15% of Americans experience hearing loss because of excessive noise. Loud noise can be self-inflicted, with loud music from concerts or clubs, or because of certain work environments with tools such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, or other heavy machinery. How do you know if the noise is at a damaging level? Well, if you must shout so that a person standing next to you can hear what you are saying, then it is more than likely posing a danger to your hearing health. If you are exposed to excessive and dangerous noises, then start a healthy habit of using earplugs to give your ears some extra protection.

2 Lower the Volume

The World Health Organisation recently released statistics that 1.1 billion youngsters around the world are facing a risk of hearing loss due to excessive noise, more than often caused by loud music played through headsets or earphones.
The 60/60 suggestions for listening to music through audio devices is to listen to music through earphones or headphones at no higher than 60% for no longer than 60 minutes per day.

7 Habits of Those Who

3 Give Your Ears a Break

If you are exposed to loud or excessive noise, then make sure that you give your ears time to rest. And by rest, we mean a step away from the loud noise for at least 5 minutes, so that you aren’t exposed without a break for hours at a time.
Recent research also finds that the ear requires approximately 16 hours of rest after being exposed to excessive noise.

The above three are considered essential preventative habits to incorporate into your life. But, there are several other habits that you can cultivate for good audio health:

4 Do not use cotton swabs.

Ears are self-cleaning organs, but if you feel they need a clean, use a damp towel to clean around the canal, or use a solution formulated for ear wax removal.

5 Does Medication only as Directed

Some medications can contribute to hearing loss. Make a habit of consulting your specialist or doctor before you take any medications, even aspirin or ibuprofen.

6 Dry your Ears

Be sure that you dry out any excess moisture from your ears, as it can encourage bacteria to enter your ear canal.

7 Habits of Those Who

7 Get Moving

You’ve heard that exercise is good for your endorphins and mental health, but did you know that exercise could be good for your hearing as well? Cardiovascular exercise helps your body to circulate and pump blood, which helps to keep your body in good working condition.

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7 Habits of Those Who

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  1. I didn’t know that your ears need that much time to recover after being exposed to loud music. Now I have to be mindful of this going forward. Thanks for sharing.

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