Visiting Franklin Park Zoo And Why You Should Too

Visiting Franklin Park Zoo And Why You Should Too post thumbnail image

This post was made possible thanks to my friends at Franklin Park Zoo. We received complimentary park tickers in exchange for a review. All thoughts are entirely mine based on the experience we has in our visit.

If you follow us on Instagram then you have seen us on our next adventure. We are having an amazing road trip to Boston, MA this past week. 

Our first stop was  LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston and amount other places that I’ll be sharing here on the blog is this unexpected stop we made to the Franklin Park Zoo.

We love Zoos and I believe these types of parks are the most family-friendly places we can find. Everyone in the family no matter the age will definitely have fun.

Are you ready for a Zoo day? Let me tell you it involved a lot of walking … luckily for you guys… It only going to take a couple of minutes of your day.

Inside Franklin Park Zoo

Our first stop inside the park was at the Children’s Zoo … 

There are lots of games for the kids to get entertained there… The park has built a gigantic Eagle’s nest where the kids can get an entire view of the Zoo.

Franklin Park Zoo is a 72-acre site, nestled in Boston's historic Franklin Park. Located just four miles from downtown Boston

As It will be too hard to describe every single animal exhibit we visited I’ll be only sharing some with all of you otherwise the post will not have an end. lol…

Also here at the Children’s Zoo, you see the Red Panda, the Muntjacs, a Southeast Asian deer with a doglike bark, the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, and a turtle pond.

Out of the Children’s Zoo and walking through the Zoo, we enter Kalahari Kingdom where the tigers, lions, Bongos, and a  bird that I have never seen before the Kori Bustard.

Entrance to the Tropical Forest Exhibit… Awesome place let me tell you!! 

With a variety of incredible beautiful animals, this was the highlight of our visit.  

Here you can also see the Ring-Tailed Lemur, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Tapirs, and a wide variety of monkeys, snakes, and birds…But, is definitely the Western Lowland Gorilla exhibit that will keep you enchanted and unable to move away from it.

The Gorilla Exhibit

These gorillas are so incredibly loved here… you can tell from the way they are maintained in their enclosure. They have toys, blankets, and enough food for every one of them. 

This little guy was so much in love with this blanket … he took it everywhere, he then lay down and hugged the blanket, sooo comfortably.

Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo also has an awesome Playground… with 10,000 square feet to let children’s imaginations run wild. Their playground incorporates fitness challenges, promotes positive social interaction, encourages negotiating skills, and uses play to teach about conservation and wildlife. 

We decided to leave the visit for this particular Saturday because we heard it was Wizarding Day at Franklin Park Zoo! 

You can watch our Highlights all about Dani’s Wizarding Day on my Instagram.

Gooooo……  catch up with our adventures.

Honestly, there is a lot to do and great animals to see the entire family will have a blast. Summer is almost here… Living close or far you should start planning to visit Boston and make Franklin Park Zoo a must-stop.

Franklin Park Zoo Visit

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  1. I love visiting zoo’s but I haven’t been to one in a few years. This one looks great #Alittlebitofeverything

  2. Red pandas are our family favourite, like living teddy bears. Coming face to face with this wide array of animals is such a powerful learning experience and something the kids will never forget.

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  5. I’ve always loved visiting the zoo. It takes me back to my childhood and now I really want to go back now. Visiting the animals was so much fun. Thanks for this 🙂

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