Get The Kids Ready for SUMMER With This Toy Shortlist

Get The Kids Ready for SUMMER With This Toy Shortlist post thumbnail image

Summer is here! the kids are now home 24/7 and what we, (parents) worry about the most is to hear ” Mom, I’m boooored. That’s why summer toys are always important to keep handy. Here is a shortlist of summer, easy-to-take on-the-go toys to get the kids ready for summer.

They’re all super cool, fun to share, and most of all, interesting enough that they’re not one-and-done kind of toys. In fact, your kids will want to keep playing even after summer’s over.

Whether it’s playing with new sand toys from PLAYMOBIL, flying a 21st-century “kite” from Zing, or throwing the football of the future from Hog Wild — you’ll be ready for some summer fun too! 

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. Knight’s Castle Sand Bucket OR The 1.2.3 Sand Bakery Sand Bucket ($24.99 each)

Hit the beach this summer with either of these adorable, high-quality pails and shovels. Perfect for beach or backyard fun, each set has three different molds. Perfect for little ones can bring imaginative play to the beach or sandbox. Available on . Hashtag: #PLAYMOBILSummerFun

Get The Kids Ready for SUMMER
Get The Kids Ready for SUMMER

Go Go Bird (Zing; $39.99)

R/C meets today’s trending drone toys with the wing-flapping Go Go Bird. Perfect for the outdoors or on the beach fun – this modern day kite flies distances of up to 100 feet! With a smart obstacle-avoiding module that uses infrared sensors, Go Go Bird has autonomous obstacle recognition and will automatically turn around 6 feet away from the wall for self-protection. Inside of Go Go Bird, there’s also a six-axis sensor, so it can take off by lifting your hand up and down when you’re ready to fly. Available on Amazon. Hashtag: #GoGoBird

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Wing Ball  (Hog Wild; $14.99)

A totally tubular throwing toy! Thanks to its unique design, you can throw Wing Ball super speeds, great distances and even master the perfect spiral. Great for kids and adults; lightweight so easily tosses into your summer tote; great for beach or pool fun too ‘cause it floats!! Available on Amazon. Hashtag: #HogWildWingBall

Now is time to enjoy all the fun, the sun, and the long days that summer brings.

Get The Kids Ready for SUMMER

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  1. I got my son
    the Wing-Ball he likes it a lot thanks for sharing

  2. Some good ways to keep the little ones entertained while playing outside

  3. Some great toys to take to the park or fun in the backyard BTW I’m not ready 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. The wing-Ball will keep my kids busy
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