How To Keep The Kids Entertained While Learning At Home

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Today we are all going through just uncertain times. Today, it can be a good day but tomorrow we are not sure. And more now with the kids doing remote learning. They are also having a hard time adjusting to this normality.

I know this can be the hardest thing for the teachers as well. My daughter’s teacher is trying so hard to keep the kids engaged while she is giving her lessons. I really feel for the teachers, ALL THE TEACHERS! they are all trying and going the extra mile for our children. But, we as parents are the ones that know our kids the best and is time to give these amazing teachers a hand.

After-School Work

Not too long ago my friends at Highlights reached out with their new Fall line of books for the little ones and now that this back to school was totally different I believe this line can be of great benefit for all parents with little ones learning from home.

Dani is starting second grade this year and I know what she lacks and what she is good at. Giving a little hand in writing and reading now that she is spending more time at home.

 Leveled Readers from Highlights

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Each carefully crafted product in the bundle blends beloved Highlights puzzles, jokes, and stories with important second-grade skills, such as arithmetic, reading, cursive writing, and basic science concepts. Highlights know kids and know how to make learning fun — so kids don’t even realize that they’re learning!

Leveled Readers

Introducing leveled readers from Highlights! Highlights put a twist on these innovative readers by creating them with puzzles. The combination boosts reading confidence, encourages re-reading, and provides extra opportunities for vocabulary enrichment.

 Leveled Readers from Highlights

Level 1 readers are for kids who are learning to sound out letters and familiar syllables, and who are starting to recognize simple sight words and to read with expression. Level 2 readers are for kids who can read longer and more complex sentences, are reading with increasing fluency and can summarize story events in order.

Nick and his robot pal Nack make a great team. Nick loves to make things, while Nack loves to find things. In each story, they combine their talents to create something. Throughout the books, fun Hidden Pictures scenes support the story text and help build vocabulary.

 Leveled Readers from Highlights

After-School Fun

Keep The Kids Entertain

The Hidden Pictures Stickers series of books are twice the fun, with two of kids’ favorite things — puzzles AND stickers! These 3 books have a mix of full-color and black-and-white Hidden Pictures scenes, plus 280 colorful stickers that add to the fun. They’re great for road trips, play dates, restaurant waits, and more.

 Leveled Readers from Highlights
  • Hidden Pictures Stickers: Pet Puzzles – a bounty of cats, dogs, birds, pocket pets, and more
  • Hidden Pictures Stickers: Party Puzzles – party-themed fun has scenes of picnics, birthdays, and other celebrations
  • Hidden Pictures Stickers: Playtime Puzzles – includes illustrations of kids, families, and critters enjoying themselves in all kinds of activities
Keep The Kids Entertain

I know, home can be a little chaotic a times but, it will take only 5 minutes to give the kid a task and let it be. They will be super happy going through these Highlights Hidden Pictures books, their colored pages will captivate their eyes and keep them engaged with what they are doing.

For us Dani is funding her happiness in reading for the first time. Learning new vocabulary is definitely a plus.

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Are you helping your kid with school this year? What is the hardest part so far? Tell me in the comment section.

 Leveled Readers from Highlights

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